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Text on Method

The specific outcome for the RW&RM seminar of 2015-16 will be a 1500 word text which reflects on your own method and situates your work in relation to a broader artistic and cultural context. The various texts produced within the RW&RM seminar will serve as source material for your text on method. In common with all modules on the course RW&RM serves to support your self-directed research. Therefore, the text on method will inform your Self-Evaluation at the end of the third trimester and provide the basis for your Graduate Project Proposal that you will produce in the fourth trimester.

previous examples


Outline for the text (this is a guide rather than a prescription)

General note on mode of address. Write as if to someone not familiar with your work.


Abstract: what is this document?; what do you want the reader to get from this text? (50 words)

Introduction: Give outline of the text and make the points you want to get across clear. (200 words)

Current Practice (resource: here you can use the text made in the last session, interview...)

What are you working on now?; (200)

what do you want to work on? (200)

Who can help you and how? (50)

Relation to previous practice

How does your current work connect to previous projects you have done? (resource: here you can use the descriptions made in the first sessions) (200)

Who helped you and how?

Relation to a larger context

Outline practices or ideas that go beyond the scope of your personal work. Write briefly about other projects or theoretical material which share an affinity with your project. It is simply about showing an awareness of a broader context, which you will later build upon in your project proposal and writing component in the second year (you may have covered some of this in your interview) (200) [what is annotation, in this case: what do you mean by this? S]

Research strands

Consider the possibilities open to you and where you would take your work in the near future. Don't just give a list of book titles or works but outline in your own words what issues are at stake (200)

General note= consider the role of images and links to video (if you want your proposal to take the form of a wiki/web page)