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.my notebook is the place where everything is // i like to annotate in there what get stuck into my brain for one reason or another (//not all the thoughts are my exclusive property)

.special issue 16 // 09.09.21_17.12.21

.from my notebook 21.09.21

vernacular of language=spoken as one's mother tongue

put your hands on things that before were invisible

WRITING: bring a text to life

vernacular becomes the standard and the opposite

everyday ephemeral aspects encapsulated in time

oral forms --> how to process something that has never been written?

Talking to Miriam about the housing situation talking with everyone about the housing situation not talking about anything else than the housing situation why do we even need a house?

.from my notebook 22.09.21

answers from people - language patterns - emotions that come from it - collecting stuff from other people - the language people use to communicate bad news - using programming to edit the texts - mix the different patterns - if you mix them, do they still have the same meaning?


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Do you ever have the feeling that sometimes another language, a different one than your mother tongue, can explain better a meaning than all the words you could use in yours? to me, this word is overwhelming

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STANDARDISED TOOLS ARE THE NORM = NTLK is a collection of tools for data analysis --> process textual information throughout natural language processing

what would vernacular processing look like? computational processing + structure of textual materials = how do we generate text in a vernacular way?

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can a language change a community?

are there vernacular languages that are more positive/negative than others?

why does the world look different in other languages? why our personality changes if we switch the language? -->processing different languages to see what happens?

.from my notebook

processing text to find an easy way to change a patriarchal, racist language to an all-inclusive one.

editing all texts to make neutral pronouns and adjectives

take different texts/discourses held in front of a mixed public and automatically re-edit everything to switch the text to all-inclusive

displacement of the meaning of texts -- reprocessing the standards to change them

toolkit about <<how to give bad news>> typical expression in different languages to give bad news -- breaking up, firing, rejection of any kind -- recurrent patterns

.from my notebook 06.10.21

giving a book

letting people annotating them, mix them up

path: people choosing a word and follow the path --> <<path of choice>>

we could mix up real texts and popular/easy ones, like they were the same thing, switching titles, texts, meanings, covers. Everything like everything as the same value, not only what has been recognized by society/critics

what is real? what is not?

what if we present the texts without titles/authors? would people react differently without knowing the reputation of the text?

no start, no end. the reader can walk along the <<text>>. keywords--> give out own definitions --> in the definition, you fid a new keyboard -- the reader can start from every point -- every one of us: how do we differently perceive the definition? -- it can be every kind of media -- having a map in form of a book to orientate yourself into the definition sea

i didn't get

yeah // my brain is not


what is the house of a dinosaur?

track the publication as bookcrossing // make sure they know what we are doing

transfer knowledge

.from my notebook 10.10.21

collection of multilingual rejection patterns dataset

research on the meaning of rejection

(positive) rejection generator

the art of rejection

the sound of rejection

review texts from different points of view

        .emoji texts

what is vernacular?

what is rejection?

--> rejection [glossary]

.from my notebook 12.10.21

trascriptions. traspose spoken words into text//written words

.from my notebook 26.10.21

how do we ask for what we want? what are my needs?

.from my notebook 01.11.21

exercise: list of rejection emails // put them together // find patterns

.from my notebook 02.11.21

oral languages over written ones

vernacular as exotic

"sometimes you need someone else to give value to what you have around you, to the commonplace"

"vernacular is natural to us, is what human beings speak in the first place"

writing from the eye?

.from my notebook 04.11.21

combining soft stuff (textile) with hard stuff

vernacular language -- get real-life experiences on rejection -- how to use language from the rejecter's point of view -- analysis of the language --

!! documentary Clara showed us: making jokes on people that rejected you // empowered over you

do a research on words etymology + vernacular + rejection emails

what does it mean "vernacular method", "rejection as a method"?

questions: how do we connect them together? how can we connect this with the vernacular? what are we gonna do with this? where are we going with this?

use the rejected raw material to create + + +

how many negative / positive words there are in a text?

rejection in architecture --> vernacular architecture

small run following the idea of Bookcrossing . . . moving from one media to the other // nomadic publication

.from my notebook 15.11.21

how can we filter without losing the meaning intended for the words?

.from my notebook 17.11.21

whatever you do, it's yours

.from my notebook 18.11.21

front-end -->> everchanging homepage // think about games to do to access the website // ask a question to users // if they choose an option they receive different results // webpage use my functions click here random choice (when reloading the page)

.from my notebook 22.11.21

identify connections between users

most_common words // position

recreate the space through the words

use the position and recreate the map by the frequency of the occurrence of the words

what is the most said word in this position?

//from here on the journey of the special issue 16 continues on [poem translations]

.not from my notebook 12.12.21

it's almost the end and while reading my notebook

i see

how many things were already in my head but i didn't grasp them

i didn't even know they were something

now some of those things are in our special issue

or lost in my notebook

it's also fun to see

how the meaningful notes reduced while going on

thoughts transformed into something real

instead of just words

what do we care more about?

.special issue 17 // 10.01.22_25.03.21

.not from my notebook 01.02.22

    • interest recap

relationship between videogames and society

false consciousness

games that mimic the system (simulation games)
games not as escapism, but as social game that gives rather than taking (so tapping into positive forms of sociality, that genuinely improve your well being)
games as an extension of reality (as opposed to a simulation) 
Games against false consciousness

Can gamification function positively? (the idea of having fun doing something)

Dream Job (struggle with the idea of "false consciousness" ...)

The multiple-objects-aspect of the loot box

Bridging the physical and the digital is appealing

Games inside the game inside the game... appealing

Matroska Dolls (michael spealking here;... we should watch Cronenberg 's Existence, Canterbury Tales 1001 nights (Arabian Nights); Decameron; are the classier examples ;) Oh and Inception! Not wearing the feminism shirt if you're not part of that lived experience. We're part of a system, how to work from there? Interested to focus on the public this time, what we're doing, why we're doing it, like Mitsa said. Make sure that the public understands what they're talking about Ref to the angry youtube vlogger Jimquisition Michael: We were talking about this this morning, how it is interesting to be "knowing where you are". At the same time i was totally enjoying finding academic articles that talked about the same thing. But also, i would not have found these articles if this video did not present the issue like this. Steve: it's similar with Conrad, it's not only about what they say, but also want to know more about what motivates such a person to make such video's, statements, backgrounds

Difficulties? Transforming these ideas into practice because she just wants to read more and know more.

Prototyping? I would like to make something physical / but also digital programming/javascript see how games are made finding methods to translate readings and ideas into something else difficult to take position: teach something? show something? Finding a way to activate the mechanisms of gamification Focus on less things but for longer, more time to play around

Mitsa: Geneology/history of loot boxes Emma: Maybe it will also help to see other examples of what can be seen as a loot box? FOR NEXT WEEK?: find examples of lootboxes in the "wild"

.from my notebook 08.02.22

start from gamification . predatory monetization like loot boxes . how to reappropriate with leisure?

.from my notebook 09.02.22

Games are computational systems, games are PLAYABLE THEORY (make theory playable)

they succeed because they explain really complex systems/issues/challenges in an easy way --> CAN THEY FOSTER THE MINDS THAT CAN TACKLE COMPLEX CHALLENGES?

REMEMBER: our loot box is made of content and mechanics --> think about the environment around the loot box + what's inside

1.content inside the box
2.outside part of the box
3.environment around the box

IDEA: talk about the social side of games --> friends playing a game where they have to play a game together in which they play a game together in which they play a game together in which they play a game together in which they play a game together ..................................keep you updated on this --> friends into friends into friends into friends

    • videogames addiction, escapism from reality

subvert everyday life

point at the power relations of society and destroy them

take reality and exaggerate a but not make it too unreal

are games not the space to talk about social issues?

how to subvert the lootbox?

      • question from the 15.01.2022

--> take a blackboard and write down all the features and characteristics of the loot box to be able to SUBVERT IT

can we create a game to play the game and get the loot box? --> see kamo's idea

a. every game is a representation of a real-world system; made to explain really complex systems/issues/challenges in an understandable and simplified way (synthesising aspect)

. "make theory playable"

b. theory of a system: what are the artefacts that the game is representing?

extract some elements to represent

c. using symbols or stereotypes to attract the audience to the loot box and then sneak in with what's the meaning, trolling the user

regulations to subvert the loot box

what if we create some regulations (like an API) to follow in order to have access to the loot box, rules that are the opposite/ a subversion of what a loot box generally does?

the idea is --> create a SAFE environment around the moment in which the user will open the loot box.

an example of the moment in which the person has received the loot box and has it in their hands:

from the outside, the loot box is really nice, but after you get in you can't go on opening unless you follow the regulations imposed by the loot box.

  • outside label?

hello dear user, we want to congrats you on choosing this amazing loot box! you have done the best choice and we imagine you cannot wait to see what will happen inside.

a. after reading the welcoming letter, the user opens the box.

b. inside they will find another box (or many little ones or idk yet) ( + i am a lot into the idea of game in a game in a game in a game so can't really get rid of it eheh surry) where there will be another letter for the user: "find a nice spot that makes you feel relaxed, take a deep breath, look around, feel the breath, and now enjoy the surprise"

c. another box: "you are allowed to open this box just in presence of some friends (or random people you'd like to share this with !! here to remember not everyone has close friends to share things with therefore find a sentence to make it doable for everyone)

d. another box: "we recommend opening this box during a sunny day"

---to be continued

how not to oversimplify?

complex systems VS oversimplification?

explanation of everything is inside the fame also further reading underneath (stuff not shown in the game)

take a little glimpse of information and use it for a scene and then more on split into easier steps

how to keep the engagement level high?

who do you want to talk to political communication? think about the degree of political engagement of your public

    • additional thought on the temporality of the loot box:

.gain access to the work

.make the work to be done in order to get the loot box already valuable in the act itself

further questions on the existence of the loot box

what is the context? what's the game around the loot box?

try to upsell something that the customer is already interested in

gambling feature to be subverted

.not from my notebook 23.02.22

Behavioral Game Design

Some common terms in behavioral psychology as they apply to game design considerations:

Reinforcer: An outcome or result, generally used to refer to a reward. Examples: an experience point, winning a level, a bigger gun.
Contingency: A rule or set of rules governing when reinforcers are given. Also referred to as a schedule of reinforcement. Examples: a level every 1,000 experience points, a bonus level that is only available if you kill a certain opponent.
Response: An action on the part of the player that can fulfill the contingency. This could be killing a monster, visiting an area of the game board, or using a special ability.