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My very first prototype of a voice message recording object to appear in the physical world and eventually provoke a response. A manipulated answering machine

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Vt01.jpg Vt02.jpg Vt03.jpg Vt04.jpg

Second Prototype.
Moved away from the idea if reusing answering machines

//// my thoughts at the time ///prototyping slow...learning by trying what i need...ordering stuff and waiting for it. Like the usb sound card.

Raspi prototype.JPG

Third Prototype
Already cased

I started to build a basic version of the web interface the whole story

Similar prototype (4th)
working for the first time ( 16 dec 13 at TENT)


Then placing the box in sofia I had to figure a way to prevent bulgarian curiosity from opening it, so I re-purposed a cashbox into a case for my electronics.

Then found something similar in Rotterdam


UNTIL I decided I had to make it easier, faster, nicer, and ready to be shipped CLICK