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Special Issue #17: Productive Play

Group exercises

Date Pad Description Output
19/01/22 SI17 Ideology & gamification One-sentence game ideas, one-sentence loot boxes with everyone
19/01/22 RW&RM Annotation of an object of ideology Map with Gersande, Carmen, Miriam
02/02/22 RW&RM Productive Play glossary Glossary wiki Contributions (with Kimberley): "tempo vs. rhythm", "collective sensitivity(sensibility)", "artificial standard"
08/02/22 SI17 Modding, fanfic Miller's Hollow fanfic wiki with Kimberley & Chae
16/02/22 RW&RM Describing the loot box


Resources based on my interests of the loot box:

Topic Description Source
Loot box variations A loot box isn't always in the form a box incubators, paint brushes, skins, iOS app, STEM box, an AE script/plugin
Loot box characteristics The movie trailer moment of a loot box special moves, rush launches, trap cards


  • time, sound, and motion-based triggers in relation to instant vs. delayed gratification
  • the surprise pipeline: a "surprise" but only for those at the receiving end
  • packaged selections of "randomness" in the form of bundles/kits/subscriptions/zip files
  • realization #1: pieces of a puzzle can fit if you force it hard enough (bonus: and form a new picture)
  • realization #2: why solve something that's already been solved? (re: puzzles with results on the box) (how about: puzzles where you don't know what you have to solve, the only way to find out is to just try––the "surprise" will happen in the end)


Date Description Output
10/02/22 Soldering a DIY game console (WIP) in an attempt to hack the games that come with it (see also: build guide). Current issue as of 11/02/22: soldering joints (see photo of back).
Makerbuino (front)
Makerbuino (back) (with faults in green)
14/02/22 Arrow maze Bitsy game (test/WIP), inspired by the "loops and traps" maze. Goal: create a double maze where the arrows alternate between two directions, where the avatar is also an arrow. v1
v1 preview
16/02/22 Visualizing loot box characteristics (from workshop game ideas with Steve). Game concept: delayed rewards/no thrill of the chase.
repel to attract
individual-collective time sync
28/02/22 Visualizing the loot box in a Bitsy environment v1


Collective and individual contributions for Special Issue 17: This Box Found You for a Reason

Phase Description Output (Collective) Output (Individual)
1.) Processing Unpacking the loot box 1.) Group meeting facilitation with Emma on 28/02/22 on topics re: share & recap of prototypes, price & accessibility of the loot box, community & launch (see: pad) Meeting summary
2.) Production 1.) "Unfinished Thoughts" Bitsy game with Jian 1.) Pads: #1 Discussion, #3 Reflection
2.) Bitsy: game with the Museum Hack compiled by Jian, content contribution
1.) Pad: #2 Reflection
2.) Bitsy: first game draft; rooms: intro, lootboxes,avatars + dialog assistance from Jian, Etherpad + Javascript dialog hack with assistance from Michael, stream, gashapon, end
Try your luck room
Gashapon room
Etherpad room
(Un)productivity avatar room
2.) SI17: Contents/Inside the box with Erica, Mitsa, Kamo See wiki 1.) Post-it design (see more at wiki):
Contributions index
Contribution title, "Nim"
3.) Launch Preparation for the launch event at Page Not Found 1.) Visual identity: "Special Issue 17" typeface with Jian:
Applications include:
1.1.) The loot box 01 02 03
1.2.) Launch event signage/wayfinding 01 02 03
1.3.) Games 01 02 03
1.4.) Website

2.) Publication: filling the loot box with Erica, Mitsa, Kamo, Jian, Alex: (see production line diagram by Alex)

3.) Experience: "Unfinished Thoughts" setup with assistance from Michael and Erica, event playlist by Miriam
1.) "Special Issue 17" experimental typeface created with Bitsy tiles
Special Issue 17 Bitsy tiles
Additional letters for laser cutting
2.) "Unfinished Thoughts" transfer to desktop monitor + Raspberry Pi with assistance from Manetta, Kimberley, Kamo
3.) Soundtrack suggestion for the loot box reveal

Next steps

Developed interests/for further research:

Topic Description Reference
Bitsy hacks Customizable WebGL transitions Transition hack by Sean S. LeBlanc
Merging environments of tools (Bitsy ↔︎ Etherpad) Navigation (key presses), display ("Special Issue 17" font, Etherpad UI variants skin builder) Etherpad documentation: Skins
Computer vision Information distortion in preview mode
? INDD broken progress bar (CC: post-it footer progress bar as page number)