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Here are a few things I like that came up to my mind while thinking about documentation :

1. Dead drops - Aram Bartholl, started in 2010
Dead drops is a participatory project, and therefore relies upon the documentation of the process and the results of its execution. It consists in an "offline, peers to peer file sharing network in public space" (a network of USB keys hidden in various locations around the world). The dedicated website presents the project in a classic way (introduction and press) but also contains a video tutorial and a "How to section", a FAQ, a World map locating the USB flash drives, mobile apps and social medias (blog, forum and twitter).

2. Temporary Stedeljik (7), 2012
This website constitutes the 7th and last exhibition of a series initiated by the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam, curated by Kalle Mattsson and Amber van den Eeden. The aim of the curators was to enable "Net art" to reach the attention of the audience through a Stedelijk museum platform. The exhibition documents this specific practice on a large time scale, associating the artworks with writings on the subject.

3. Animal New York, tagged as Artist's Notebook, started in 2010
"ANIMAL’s feature Artist’s Notebook asks artists to show us their original “idea sketch” next to a finished artwork or project."
(Animal is an "Art and culture" online publication active since 2003).

4. Gallery surfing, Robert Sakrowski and guests, 2014
Series of youtube video documentation of online exhibitions. Robert Sakrowski is also behind the project "CuratingYouTube".

Updates : 10 novembre, about documentation of a process

5. Ryder Ripps, Val Kilmer Art, 2012

6. Ryder Ripps, Git Poetry, 2011