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Retrospective: Archizoom And No-Stop City

In the 60's, Florence, emergence of groups (recent graduates) know as the "italian radicals" : UFO, Superstudio (go check "Continuous Monument"), most influential being Archizoom ("No-stop city").

Archizoom : pop Art inspired furnishings sought to disrupt any attempts at good tastes in middle class homes.
>>> satirical artifact "Mies chair" - taking Modernist concept to the extreme, making it absurd

Furniture jokes displayed at Superarchitettura 1966, aesthetics of pop art and mass consumption.

"Superarchitettura is the architecture of superproduction, superconsumption, superinduction to consume, the supermarket, the superman, super gas.”

2 approaches :
Superstudio then said a new architecture has to be invented (incorporating dreamy ideals)
while Archizoom though that consumerism and modernism's logics should be taken to their extreme >>> "No stop city"

Unbuilt project but documentation of it (photographs, drawings etc) >>> infinitely extending grid, partial lines symbolizing walls, natural features are the only interruption. >>> Endless, featureless space. Spaces are filled with rocks and branches. Tents, appliances and motorcycles for basic needs. Other drawings shot endless grids of bedrooms.

! main idea : emancipation through inexpressive, catatonic architecture. Society freed from alienation. Mass production to produce infinite urban decors. people can be anyone, anywhere

>>> influenced "Anti-Design" and "Junkspace" (Rem Koolhaas essay envisioning a world of endless airports and shopping malls, empty indoor spaces only animated through shopping and air conditioning)

In conclusion : Changing the world using the the power being critiqued, re arrangement, learning how to inhabit the world differently instead of re creating worlds. Recomposing with what's available.