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''Collaboration project with Javier Lloret''
'''Automated Leisure: 3D stock factory'''
There is a high demand of a 3D stock in film industry, video production and advertisement. We offer a 3D stock which contains 3D image and video models of human beings. 
Old-fashioned stock services offer a one angle limited perspective of the subject. With our service there are no boundaries. Clients are able to navigate through the 3D photo-realistic stock, panning or rotating in any direction and angle.
With our automatized booth system, photographers are no need anymore. Everybody can become a consumed product, selling their image or video and getting an economical reward. The stock can be used in any kind of context. Adult stock will be rewarded extra.
The consumer will be able to access the online store and browse trough all the 3D model stock online.
The profit * goes to participants
''Key words: virtual - factory - stock data base - photo-reality - production''
==Reading journal==
==Reading journal==

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