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Michel Gondry: You’ll like this film because you’re in it: the be kind rewind protocol.

If You apply the idea of Gondry mechanized systems, is there a problem for it? for example wikipedia? Are there the thick rules, directorship? An example where you don't have any rules, but still You have to stick to some: What is the difference between Gondry's format and japanese image boards? Gondry puts him self in problematic situations, because he want this movie factory to stay for amateurs, and not for professionals to come in and make something serious..

The aim of shared programs for society is to turn them in to a community, who share also common ideas and knowledge, use similar, common tools and approaches and are interested to be together and stand up for the community; Isn't this statement stereotyping people if they are in communities? There is no real accountability for to decide and make rules in an community. Is there?

      • interesting questions for community leaders:

How do you decide about the dynamic things of a community?

Is there a relation between community and factory?

The idea is that you have a political organization that is creating your community in your working place; The industrial society is the work related community where they live like in kolhoz/collective farm; This is also how it worked in Rotterdam, that people build places that are attracting people to come here, live and pay taxes;

+++new economy: self directed artists work in self directed projects, not in an industry that is making your life to work; Laptop and mobile phone is extending the working hours to home and private space;

What are the strengths of being independent avoiding the industrialization of work? And how it is transformed within the creative industry module when things are more and more categorized. Is there still place for creativity?

About Community: definition of wikipedia Read: Common terms in cultural studies: Williams, Raymond. “Community.” Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society. Revised Edition. NY: Oxford University Press, 1983.

Thinking about factory concept: drop the technical aspects and think more conceptually; how the society/spectator could interact with the outcome?

  • take the initial idea in the next level, the use for experimental image technology should stimulate the borders of creativity, experiences;

what are the social benefits, what makes the work interesting, like in Gondrys factory, for example the experience of being involved in a teamwork on a filmset for three hours and make a movie;

Process - technical, social, interactive, meaning, productive use; how do you position your factory concept? whats the performance?

      • if there is a factory day, it would work most slightly as an event, where you can have a whole day of factories that are giving experiences for the spectator; it could be combined together with the graduation show of 2nd years, possible dates sunday the 8th of july or the next weekend;

About four weeks in advance could be the deadline for a catalogue, it would be good if we can make an fake add in the catalog so we need to know in the beginning of june about the concept clear; Interactive images? performance of memes? to create an assignment for people or just demonstrate a process how a thing can be produced? to ask people to think about an imaginative idea and give answers to a questionnaire, the answers would create a productive idea that could be produced afterwards. factory: give an experience about it.. the actual process is more interesting than the output in the end; but it does not have to be a participation, it can be also an visible experience;

      • working methodology, policies how things work and have been made, how all the ares overlap and intersect; position yourself and think how to relate to your own practice? think about how to connect with for example silk screen? the thing that interest you.. working with your own strengths to complete a factory module;