Metabolic Rift

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Fire and oil

The individual is present. They take in the proceedings as spiritual information.

The crumbling infrastructure of modernity comes crashing down from the sky in the form of the Space Shuttle Challenger. The explosion forms patterns of smoke and fire in the sky as debris comes crashing down into the Atlantic Ocean. Time slows to a crawl as the exploding rocket fuels sends shockwaves through time and space.

The hyperslowed image jitters like a vhs tape on pause, and in this resonance transforms to the deepwater horizon oil spill, where in the same body of water as the challenger the largest marine oil spill in history occured. Imagery of the underwater fires burning spill out.

Fukushima and chernobyl turned into voids, spaces outside of control rendered toxic to human existence. The reactors in fukushima pumped enough radioactivity into the pacific ocean to reach the shores of north america, and are probably still active

The inuit of the far north in canada have sounding the alarm that the earth is shifting on its axis, and weather patterns, animal migrations, and ocean flows are drastically changing.

These all take place concurrently in the individuals plane of existence.

///////////////////////////////////// to invoke the priestess of Babalon "overseer of the Abyss, Sacred Whore, Scarlet Woman, Mother of Abominations" to end the age of male domination, and introduce this new age. She is the flame of life, power of darkness she who feeds upon the death of men … beautiful—horrible