Mama, Tess en ik

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Mama, Tess en ik
Creator Arantxa Gonlag
Year 2016
Bio Arantxa Gonlag (1989) is a photographer focusing mostly on documenting stories about the influence of invisible aspects to relationships and individuals. Whilst exploring this aspect within a story she tries to make this invisible element tangible. She received her BA in photography at the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2014, where she graduated with the photobook 'Data Diary'.
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The photobook series 'Mama, Tess en ik' by Arantxa Gonlag investigates the digital relationship that she has with her mother and sister, who have grown apart. The books' content switches from being in their individual worlds, to specific words they use to each other within their digital communication. Seeing their communication vs. their worlds and situations, she tries to create a stronger bond between them.