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character, behavior, emotion



single shots by scale

  • extremely wide
  • wide
  • full
  • medium full
  • medium
  • medium close-up (Wes Anderson, Yasujiro Ozu, character directly talking to the audience)
  • close-up


relational shots

  • master (show where people are in relation to each other
  • OTS
  • single
  • close OTS


places and things

  • establishing
  • inserts
  • CUT IN (extremely close-up face (eyes move) - CUT IN a letter in hand)
  • CUT AWAY (medium body against a diner table - CUT AWAY a car parking outside)



  • POV (through the eyes of the subject)


tripod tips

DIY tools



The difference between photography and cinematography...

In photography you might miss a moment forever. Errors can be beautiful.

In cinematography, you never miss a moment, yet the moment can become mundane, or ill-illustrated.

Photography camera is like a typewriter. You type, then you hand out that sheet of words.

Cinematography is... a cog in a long process. Can one shot be an entirety? (Maybe... like a loop. But unlikely.)