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[[Jujube/methods-session-11 | Jue's essay on practice]]
[[Jujube/methods-session-11 | Jue's essay on practice]]
[[cem/textonmethodfinaldraft| cem's final draft of text on method]]

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Deadline FINAL DRAFT text on method LB 1 = Steve will give feedback remotely on the wiki (a quick read-through; maybe a few comments).


Place images

use Harvard Method for citations

A Guide to Essay Writing


Felix' final draft as of the day of the deadline

Mia's Text on Method - Third Draft

Andreas methods 15-05-19

File:Text on method marieke dezwart.pdf

Sonia - What Does It Take to Make a Contemplative Practice? (essay on method / extended mix)

Jue's essay on practice

cem's final draft of text on method