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algorithmically curated publication

An algorithmically curated publication, populated by the documents from the Autonomous Archive.

Or in other words, a publication:

  • that looks at the Poortgebouw archive from the inside
  • accompanies the hand-curated publication
  • its materials are selected by scripts
  • its composition is accomplished via scripts and templates
  • one version, multiple versions, or multiple non-repeating versions can exist


  • Format: Poster
    • size?
    • color? BW?
    • 1 or 2 sides?
    • 1 version, multiple versions, or multiple non-repeating versions?
    • printing technique
    • 200 copies
    • budget: 169€
  • Materials
    • what materials: Images? PDFs? Texts (image captions mainly)?
    • according to what: year? semantic properties? Random
    • extra information: captions/metadata, file-info, context ?
  • Composition:
    • what form it will take: collage, time-line, facsimile, graph?
    • what elements will be featured?
    • how will they be organized?

  • Documentation of the process:

Scaning Utils


Software dependencies:

  • scanning software
    • linux: sane,xsane
  • Mac/Widows Canon Lide 120 drivers
  • pdftk (Mac/Windows installer )
  • imagemagick (Mac: brew install imagemagick)
  • Git (Mac: brew install git)

Download them with git:

git clone

  • Converts a directory of images onto a single PDF
  • Usage:
    ./ imgs-dir-name pdf-filename
  • Note1: imgs-dir must be inside the scan-utils.git directory.
  • Note2: If no pdf-filename is provided, output.pdf will the default file name

  • Rotates all images in one a directory a given number of degrees
  • Usage:
    ./ imgs-dir-name rotation-in-degrees