Zhibin's first Porposal draft

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What do you want to make

I have been making films since last year, trying to find my own language to tell stories though the lens. From tutor's feedbacks of last assessment that I have very good eyes and talent for adopting existing visual languages, however I still need to enhance my narrative skill to organize the storyline. In the end of last semester, I tried some new approaches of storytelling, for example put my own voiceover into the old film; filming my own actions as a symbol of talking to myself and facing the fear in my heart etc. These works turned out very different than my previous works, which are really honest and subtle. So technically, I will continue exploring in narrative approaches and slowly develop narrative strategies. For example, based on small stories as scripts to enhance practice the filmmaking narrative ability. On the other hand, these practices are the preparation for the graduation project. For the graduation project, I want to make a documentary about Chinese young generations. As someone who is living in between Chinese immigrants and Chinese who are living in China now , I think there are huge difference between these two types of people, especially the pressure from life and government, the anxiety, the attitude etc.

How do you plan to make it?

The film will be combined with interviews, scripting writing, picking models, organize the shooting crew etc. I will talk to the Chinese immigrants who are living in Holland and countries nearby, ask them questions to get a general impression about their attitude towards China and their life in China before they come here, the reason why they give up the life there. Based on their answers, I will write my script and make plans for the shooting.

Why do you want to make it?

This is a project which I always wanted to make. During the first year in PZI, I was really enjoyed of my time, but when it comes to the problem of shortage of narrative, I think it is more complicated than just poor skill issue. It is the fear inside of my heart, as a conclusion after a long talk with the psychologist, she thinks that I have too many worries when the topic related to sensitive projects.

I want to talk about my fears and worries though this work I want my audience to experience the same situation I was living.

What is your timetable?


Talk with tutors and people

Write the scrit and make a plan for shooting





Who can help you and how?

PZI tutors, students My models, friends and my former coworkers