Zero = 0dB

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Zero = 0dB
Creator Henk-Jelle de Groot
Year 2015
Bio Henk-Jelle de Groot is a Rotterdam based sound designer and musician. After graduating with an Audio / Visual design bachelor Henk-Jelle set up a sound studio in Rotterdam to work in the Audio / Visual industry. After seven years of working he returned to the Piet Zwart Institute to graduate in a Master Media Design And Communication. In addition to working in the Audio / Visual industry, he is musician and builder of electronic instruments.

Zero = 0dB is a work about visualizing and understanding the non-audible and non-visual acoustic properties of a space. Through found objects these acoustic properties are researched and visualized trough sculptures. With this project I aim to research what it means to capture non-audible and non-visual information. The sculptures that result from the research are presented in a way that invites the viewer to re-contextualize these properties. The work that is Zero = 0dB focuses on being objective and disconnected from any emotional value.