Yuqing selfportrait

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Listener, write below a summary of this selfportrait which explains to the group what excitement & fears this person brings to the group:

This is a drawing made by Yuqing's friend. Yuqing needs and gets excited about being in a relaxed and quiet environment, or working with 1 or 2 people. Yuqing is afraid of showing herself or talking in front of people and thinks the reason of this type of personality is being suppressed by family and ending up not confident.

Self Portrait

My name is Yuqing Cao.

I'm excited by taking a good picture and finding some opinions that is close to myself in the process of reading.

Something I'm scared of is No new inspirations, keep doing mechanical work and introduce myself or give a speech in front of too many people. Horror film...Deceived...


When in a group, I need to listen to other people’s ideas first, and be a good listener, after I figure out a piece of work or what others want to express, then I will give my response.

To ensure my needs are met, I will try to remain silent as much as possible, and remain open and respectful to other people’s works and speeches.

I would find it helpful if others in the group would be willing to allow me to participate in group discussions or other things in my own way, such as giving me enough time to make judgments, or...Allow me to be in a daze