You Only Live Forever

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You Only Live Forever
Creator Timo Klok,
Year 2009

"You only live forever" is a never-ending recombination of archetypal James Bond scenes in a showcase of cinema adapted to today's dominance of the database.

At certain intervals, the software jumps from the current scene playing to a similar scene from another film. It will continue to play from that point on, creating an endless James Bond film.

The project is an exploration of 'Database Cinema' - films that are no longer following a linear narrative but whose scenes are rearranged records in a database. In this case, the scenes are categorized according to the logic and characteristics of the James Bond series.

A playlist shows the type of scene of the starting- and endpoint of each fragment. A new playlist is created/shown every 10 minutes.

The radar displays the position of each fragment in the original film and the current playing position.