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Sept 24 2022


Amos's World: Reality and fantasy merge in the World of Amos."Amos's World"creates an appropriately inclusive environment in which stories of individual hubris resisted collectively, lost souls in search of acts of networking, and events that turn lone discontent into collective tendencies.

In my current script conception, I also hope to build a virtual space that extends outwards and into which we can project our emotions and consciousness. This space is an arbitrary unit in our interconnection with the outside world, which points to countless other units. I'm not sure how to present this space, I want this space to be a real room that actually appears in my film, such as the room of the interviewee, the actor. In the era of mobile internet, we seem to have two living spaces, a real home and a virtual home.

I'm also thinking about how to get the interviewee to improvise. A story, an experience, a chat log to share? I contacted some of my friends and I asked them to prepare some of their own stories, they were born in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. The dialogue in Cecile's work is very interesting. I am deeply impressed by the separation between the moving image and the sound, which is in line with the feeling I want to express: the actors are just separated units, they are skins, but the consciousness behind them can be projected by everyone, which can point to any individual, unit, pouch. He was like a puppet, or a disguise. We can appear in any form in these virtual spaces, we can project consciousness onto any object, and these consciousnesses stretch until they are submerged in the carnival of the digital crowd.

I was also inspired by the synthetic music in Cecile's work,each note seemed to swell, and the mood rose with it.


Sept 25 2022

--我最近想要尝试一下做演员。(I'm trying to be an actor recently .)


--也不能笼统的称之为“演员”,只是想做一点远离自己的事。(It can't be called an "actor" in general, but I just want to do something far away from myself.)

--那你可以假装自己是动物,猫,狗,花都可以。(You can pretend to be an animal, cat, dog, flower, no matter what.)

--昨天邻居家的猫跑丢了,到现在还没找到。(Yesterday, the neighbour's cat got lost, and they haven't found it yet.)

--你觉得它会去哪?(Where do you think it will go?)

--不知道,可能它伪装起来了,现在就在我们身边,还会跟你说早上好。(I don't know, maybe it's disguised, it's always with us, and it says good morning to you.)

--所以那只猫自由了。(So it's free.)

--这就是我想要的状态。(This is the state I want.)

Cat Black 600 lq 0013.jpg

Sept 28 2022



I made a rough demo, in this video I shared a chat record with a friend, these conversations are very casual, but I am interested in the "camouflage" mentioned in the dialogue.The main issue of my current project also include some discussion of identity masquerading online, I hope they can generate some relevance. I also added some previously collected video archives, such as the masked person in the news report, which represents the disappearance and disguise of personal information to some extent, and in a "expressionless" news report, they seem to be carrying out an irresponsible carnival.


▶Question: How to avoid interviews appears in the form of documentaries?

In this demo, I completely separate the sound from the footage.I hope to make a hint to let the audience reflect on these sounds(narration), whether the consciousness behind the voice really comes from these actors you see on the screen, or they are just some "puppets", these consciousness does not come from them, I hope to express this kind of alienation of people, and the uncertainty brought about by online platforms, everyone in the digital community may become such a puppet, and under these "skins", is the carnival of consciousness.

Sept 30 2022



1/ Does the individual experience accurately point to the creative context, and if some revisions are needed.

2/ Is there a better way to replace video archives, or better add layers to these individual experiences?

3/ Do these narrations of individual experiences cause misunderstanding?

Impressive photo .jpg

When I see this photo, I had a connection with it, although it is not directly related to my project, but the abstract structure built by these rough materials intrigued me, a structure that can extend indefinitely, a unit that is constantly deforming.

▶Text Draft:

Imagine a space, an ever-expanding space. In this space, red represents enthusiasm, consciousness is good at disguise, time is constant; It is easy to get lost in the fog. It is not necessary to confirm the coordinates. We are all waiting for the next exciting point to arrive, or subvert this space, Physical characteristics are randomly combined as desired; Control temperature and humidity; The hands move in the opposite direction, all the clumsy rumours wait to be the truth; The consciousness hidden under the skin is about to move, this, is a real space.

Oct 03 2022


1/What do you want to make?

2/What's your fundamental topic?

3/Why you would you like to show in this way?

4/How do these materials come back to the thematic narrative?


This video is a continuation project after my first project "improvisation",but this time I would like to give some further discussion, so I only took a point from a previous project to start. I choose the issue which about the disguise of identities online.(EX.Erase personal information/Masked/Robots that automatically send political propaganda).

▶Ideas from Tutorials:

1/ The actors' own disguises

I shoot this demo, the actor was in a room with artificial lights and half-hided curtain, you can see very little of the outside space. I hope the space could not only exist as a normal living room. That may be another level of disguise, the actor hided in an unknown space, she was telling you a story in first perspective. Did this story really happen to this actor? Maybe the actor can also wear a mask to hide her identity.





2/ Collect materials related to the keyword "Mask"

bank robbery/carnival costume/face bikini


3/ https://agnieszkapolska.net/iamthemouthII.html

In the video “I Am the Mouth II” (2014), a big, animated mouth describes how the words, in the form of a sound wave, are finding their way through various materials, including the body of a listener. The artificial, disembodied mouth stands for the artist’s possibilities of having an influence on her surroundings. In the work that literally „speaks for itself“, one can find references to Samuel Beckett‘s monodrama „Not I“, as well as to the Internet phenomenon ASMR (videos made with the aim of producing a „brain massage“ sensation in the viewer).

I was inspired by the word"monodrama". It can be both internal and external, and internally it is an inner monologue, an actor's self-talk. Externally, it is facing people outside the theatre, to a group of invisible people.

Oct 07 2022

I had an online chat with a friend this week and she dictated her story, then I recorded her words so the story is told in the first person. This story is about an experience of chatting with strangers online, in this story I tried to find some keywords and interesting information and expressions.

▶Story Link◀: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uZKf4i8QpAcVBRxEdinB5ocY9Tq9Ccq_/view?usp=sharing (EN&CN)

Sketch 01.jpg

▶Keywords◀: Profile/ Nickname/ Functions of the Software/ Air/ Living environment/ Dilemma/ information leakage/ Surveillance

▶About the Story◀: This story reminded me of two parallel space, the woman in her bedroom and a man(unable to confirm gender) smoking in the park. But they met each other in a virtual and invisible space, they shared their stories, talked about the living environment, air pollution, that are some nice points to connect with the topic. For example, they could only imagine the appearance and personal experiences through abstract characters and nicknames, there is a mutual disguised relationship between them. They're like two ghosts talking about ethereal but real things,everything could be fake and everything could be truth. In this virtual place, “ghosts” are desperately looking for spiritual pleasure to escape from reality. They are not finding someone or something, they just need a place to build-up all the consciousness and emotions.Or whether it can be said that all social, life, and political topics are packaged as repetitive emotional catharsis in this space.

▶Some Practical Ideas◀:


Uncle Bonnmee who can Recall his Past Lives: https://vimeo.com/29036447 In this film, Uncle Boonmee's missing son appears in the image of a monster with red eyes, splitting two spaces of reality and fiction from the image.


● A Carnival about Consciousness

The main storyline of the video is a girl in the room and the "stranger" in the park. The girl does some normal things in the room: reading, eating, sleeping... Person in the park wears mask, hangs out in the woods, smoke ... and finally I want to shoot a scene where the two of them are in the park at the same time, but they still can't see each other.

Secondly, I hope to insert some other video images, for example, I can invite some people to appear in different spaces, wearing different styles of clothing as "commentators" and "bystanders".They comment based on keywords mentioned in the story, such as air quality, annoying features on social software, etc. Bring this story into a larger context.They are like some other ghosts wandering in this virtual chat rooms, releasing their emotions and opinions in a nihilistic event. They can be anyone, they are just shells that the audience uses to project their own consciousness.

Oct 09 2022

When you look at the screen while rubbing your eyes, you experience subtle visual differences, perceived weightlessness, and déjà vu in the blink of an eye due to the turbulence caused by the dimension switching. No matter where you turn in life, you cannot avoid staring at the screen. The unfolding virtual world is as common as eating and sleeping. Scenes and situations replaced by screens and networks, and there is no longer any transcendence, only an ever-expanding surface, which has become smooth and fragile under the pulling of countless disguised consciousnesses. The world built across the screen keeps bringing back the impulse of imagination and emotion to the origin. How can we find a crack in this smooth and fragile surface to escape?


Identity enables us to accept the face we see in the mirror as our own. We need it for coming to terms with the "grotesque mask"that we see there, which cannot be stripped away. We must identify with this face so that it does not appear to us as "an outrageous disguise",or if so, then just for a moment. When we leave the bathroom, we need to trust that the image we project expresses our thoughts and feelings quiet naturally, and we need to prepare ourselves for the fact that everyone else will take this face to be precisely who we are.__"You and Your Profile" Hans-Georg Moeller&Paul J.D'Ambrosio

Oct 23 2022

VA Link:https://youtu.be/8mpGWKWPHfo

Nov 8 2022

NEW DRAFT:https://youtu.be/5jySwqy1ZCo

I was inspired by Olivier Smolders's film" Black Night". There's a prop in the film.It look like a puppet show box.


I'm going to make a small one like this, use as a prop in the film. I would like to stuff with leaves in it and a key hidden below the leaves. And I think I will also shoot a still of this installation, add a 3D monkey figure in it. ( Details are all in the PDF File)

But this is just a general idea. I hope the present the virtual character by this way. A Digital Dream?

This idea came from last workshop about video installation, we talked about using curtain to divide the exhibition space. I think "CURTAIN" itself has lots of meanings: beyond the scene // besides the eye // before language // beneath the skin // below the image // on the surface... So Ii think maybe it could become a good point to show the overlapping of the two spaces. There's a box in the girl's room with a curtain, when it comes to the dreamland, the curtain gradually open. The 3D character appeared in the box, and talk in a very low voice.

What did jack do.jpg

And I think I will use a similar way to "What Did Jack Do?",overlap a speaking mouth on top of a 3D image.

"Hi, there's me. Yeah, now I'm a monkey, but not always, only in your imagination. Yes,I'm disguised. I can't move this body, it's just a pointless skin, but it's safe, you can do whatever you want beneath the skin. Yes, this is me, let's talk."

I hope the audience is a detective inside,

to go through all the details, link their own