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Xpub runs its own Git server on the XVM machine and accessible at https://git.xpub.nl/

To Join

  • Register an account
  • Add you ssh public key to https://git.xpub.nl/user/settings/keys
    • if you dont have one generate one:
      • ensure the key is generate with ed25519 algorithm, instead of the default rsa ssh-keygen -t ed25519

as Admin (staff)

Once you have joined, as a regular user, to become Admin request Aymeric to add you to the Owners team

At the start of the year in https://git.xpub.nl/org/XPUB/teams

  • Move XPUB2 users to Alumni team
  • Move XPUB1 users to XPUB2 team
  • Add new students to XPUB1 team

Important Repositories


Is where the source code of https://issue.xpub.nl/ is stored. For each special issue:

  • image and SI details to a
    with class="issue" following the same template as previous issues
  • create a folder with issue number: NN/
  • create the webpage in: NN/index.html


Is the repository where the graduation projects website https://project.xpub.nl/ is located.