XPUB Equiment Lending

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To be able to lend to students and tutors and keep a record of lent material from XPUB storage, XPUB uses a system of lending sheets.

Leslie and Javi both use this system.

lending sheets

  • located in: XPUB/LB office in a dedicated folder
  • when some lends a piece of equipment she will fill one of the forms, including:
    • name
    • student number
    • contact
    • lending date
    • expected returned date
    • signature
  • when item is returned the form is completed with a return date and signed; And moved to "returned items" section of the folder

It is important to:

  • check from time to time on items:
    • have not yet been returned within their expected returned date
    • might have been returned but were not signed of in its lending sheet
    • if necessary notify the lender
  • keep a bunch of copies of empty sheets for future lendings