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Munki Report - Overview

A live overview of all the Macs in use in school is available in Munki Report https://munki-report2.wdka-it.nl

  • but first: Patrick from ICT needs to create staff members an account based on their HRO/FIT username

Munki Report: List XPUB/LB Macs

To see the XPUB/LB Macs in the Munki Report

  • go to Listings(Top Menu) > Clients
  • Filter in
    • pzi_media-exp-pub_and_pzi_media-lensbased
    • Unassigned

Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 16.26.16.png

Xpub & LB Macs

List of Macs in use in LB/XPUB in 2020.05.14


  • Andre Castro (talk) 17:24, 14 May 2020 (CEST) I am not certain that all the iMacs marked as shared are in used by XPUB - need to be in the building to check.

Name Machine Serial Username OS Version Build Version Type Program
DGKN802PF8J9 Tancredi Di Giovanni (0972792) 10.14.6 18G2022 iMac XPUB
emm1409010w4155 DGKN507EF8J9 Kamali van Bochove (0879544) 101406 18G4032 iMac LB
emm1409015w4155 DGKN802KF8J9 Ngoc Trang Nguyen (0989992) 101406 18G3020 iMac LB
emm1409005w4155 DGKN802LF8J9 Mia Paller (0975826) 101406 18G3020 iMac LB
emm1409020w4155 DGKN5072F8J9 Sonia Mangiapane (0967412) 101406 18G3020 iMac LB
emm1409011w4155 DGKN5070F8J9 Rita Varandas Soares Graça (0972516) 101406 18G4032 iMac XPUB
emm1409027w4155 F5KN5048F9VN Fileona Dkhar (0988697) 101406 18G3020 Mac Pro LB
emm1409023w4155 DGKN802MF8J9 Pedro Sá Couto Condeço Ribeiro (0972575) 101406 18G4032 iMac XPUB
emm1709010w4155 DGKVDHLKJ1GP SHARED 101406 18G3020 iMac XPUB
emm1808012w4155 DGKX6HNKJ1GP Felix Obermaier (0967449) 101406 18G3020 iMac LB
emm1409009w4155 DGKN506XF8J9 Jacob Morris (0990593) 101406 18G3020 iMac LB
emm1409028w4155 F5KN50UVF9VN Ugo Petronin (0974718) 101406 18G3020 Mac Pro LB
emm1409022w4155 DGKN507AF8J9 Annalisa Urti (0943867) 101406 18G4032 iMac LB
emm1710001mob C07TT068G1HY _wdkadmin 101406 18G3020 Mac mini LB Display Mac
emm1409019w4155 DGKN5073F8J9 Paloma García García Garcia Garcia (0968984) 101406 18G4032 iMac XPUB
emm1409017w4155 DGKN506WF8J9 Cem Altinöz (0967499) 101406 18G4032 iMac LB
emm1809019w4155 DGKX8HQKJ1GP Bojan Salaj (0993201) 101406 18G3020 iMac LB
emm1709009w4155 DGKVDHLGJ1GP Bohye Woo (0880872) 101406 18G4032 iMac XPUB
emm1709011w4155 DGKVDHLFJ1GP Simon Browne (0948867) 101406 18G4032 iMac XPUB
emm1808010w4155 DGKX6HNLJ1GP Susanna Fasciolo (0975553) 101306 17G12034 iMac LB
emm1808013w4155 DGKX6HNMJ1GP Andreas Drosdz (0975055) 101406 18G3020 iMac LB
emm1409014w4155 DGKN802QF8J9 SHARED 101406 18G3020 iMac LB
emm1409018w4155 DGKN507DF8J9 SHARED 101406 18G3020 iMac XPUB
emm1409006w4155 DGKN802NF8J9 SHARED 101406 18G3020 iMac XPUB
emm1409013w4155 DGKN507BF8J9 SHARED 101406 18G3020 iMac XPUB
emm1808009w4155 DGKX6HHHJ1GP SHARED 101406 18G3020 iMac XPUB
emm1808008w4155 DGKX6HG0J1GP SHARED 101406 18G3020 iMac XPUB

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