Wiki Wandering (Wordhole)

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The Wiki is a shared, public space also used by XPUB students and staff based on the MediaWiki architecture. Wiki Wandering, for me, refers to the practise of exploring the Wiki, getting lost, getting unlost, creating pages, being surprised by what is or was there, getting (un)lost again, and editing your way out of there. Not necessarily in that order. Note that this 'wandering' refers not to contributing to the Wiki, but rather to be captivated by the Wiki, and maybe contribute in reaction to it.

Wiki Wandering has seen several uses already. In our practises of documentation, the Wiki is one: we have created Wiki entries for our protocols (e.g. personal protocols and caretaker protocols), projects (e.g. Platform is the Problem and EtherPatches), diaries, ... This specific documenting practise seems to have been in place for many years in XPUB now. This enables the circular narrative when exploring the Wiki that is at the heart of Wiki Wandering. It transforms the experience of the Wiki from a static space to an ever evolving one, in which its internal infrastructure reacts to and builds on itself. A result of this can be a self-sustaining practise: exploration leads to motivation leads to creation.

Wiki Wandering is not an explicit practise. Students were encouraged, but never instructed, to explore and use the Wiki in a way fitting to them, The practise of Wiki Wandering might continue to evolve. By nature of the Wiki, what is there will remain there, and every part that is there can serve as a starting point for a new part to be there. This can, in turn, affect the way we're exploring the Wiki, which can in turn affect the way we're using the Wiki.

An explicit example of Wiki Wandering was given by Steve in the 2023-11-01 Methods class when he described getting lost in a rabbit hole of working on the Wordhole glossary.