What time is it in Rotterdam?

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Free Writing

What time is it in Rotterdam?

It’s 13.35. I’m sitting next to Muyang and Claudio in the aquarium, a room in the 4th floor. The light goes through this room, directly through my eyes and I tried to block it.

Where is my coffee? It’s the third cup of the day.

Coffee addicted.

In dark room

What time is it?

Eyes open. But there is still no alarms. Again, I woke up before time. What time is it then?

It’s around 4 in the morning, Curtains closed completely. Black vase and colorful flowers are hidden behind. Just thought of my plants, I need to water them. Don’t wanna do it now. I’m trying to get back to sleep, trying not to move. I wish I remember this when the alarm wake me up. I wish I don’t forget to water my plant. I wish I…..

I wish

I wish

I wish

I wish I know what to write

I wish it’s flow

I wish there is a cat in my room.

Or maybe two.

Black cats can hide themselves in the dark really well.

They close their eyes so that they disappear.

Is this considered magic?

Magical cats.

Plenty Amount of time to die

What are you going to do when you have 9 lives?

Long live the cats.

9th chances to die. YOLO is not applied then.

If I were a cat, I wish this is the ninth life.

Black cat opens their eyes. They can see me now. I can see them now.

Semi-conscious mumbling

What time is it now?

Am I dreaming again?

Memory Keeper

I wish I can remember everything in my dream.

Sometimes, it’s colorful.

Sometimes, black and white.

Sometimes, I only remember the texture.

But most of the time, I run.

Woke up so tired.

Why do we spend a lot of energy for dreaming, for another world?

What would it be living in your dream?

Dream life

Dream job

Dream house

Dream world

Real life

Real job

Real house

Real world

Is there something in between?

I guess so.

Nothing is black and white. Everything is kinda grey.

Well, I guess so.


Why are we (or maybe I) always comparing things? Juxtaposition.


It’s 13.56 now.