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-the importance of design as a problem solving tecnique -looking at ourselves as personas and how can we wear them in the future


historically judged by a bloodline and its hierarchy, by gender, by ecomonic status , our profession, now electronic status, today genetic , mutability, unfix gender, our economic status is unstable and our professions are changing. At times we are bodies and at times our bodies are us. Mind uploading possibility shows that even if we leave our material bodies we will still exist in a shape or system (an algorithm or ..). The appearance and expressions of a persona is a conceptual gap in the field of mind uploading. What is the self?The mind is what the brain does, its processes, our thinking aparatus. The self is a construct of the mind. Body is one mode of expression of how we present our self to the world (often singular) Not always valid impression. Most of us have multiple personas. Different personas of ourselfes. avatar. Our synthetic entities. Alpha Auer =avatar as an entity who is a subpersonality of Elif Aylier. Alpha splitted its personaliti in mutliple selves. They are individuals. They are friends , fight, etc. Each one of them carries its personality in its design. Example to see how we see ourselves. Second life as a platfrom to explore that. Brain is another way to see some of what is going on in our mind. What is going on in our emotions and cant show it always outside.(illustrations) . Visualisations are not reliable.


will we wear our technologies or will they wear us. Psychological addictions. Another system= what would be the different illnesses etc Fusion of personlhood and technology forms a narrative in exploring perceptionf of humand enhacement in media design and science. Non biological systems major concern on energy Why have life extension without having a person? What is cybernetics today. Engages with radical constructivism. Second order cybernetics put scientist inside the system. Redesigning their identity. Primo posthuman. Nvm Designing selves and platforms. Tattoo. Wearables. Imogen Heap. Eyes that speak.


What we consider normal. From bloodline to genetics. Robert Wiener a living organism as network activity. Process. What aspects of ourselves to transfer. How do we want to represent ourselves in the virtual world. Process.