Warm mood in blue

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  • Initial idea : Can I make a warm blue space?
  • Purpose : to deliver ironical message which can out-win the stereotypical image of colors.

I just did a simple test do I really make a warm feeling with warm? Warm object + cool color = ? Will I feel warm from the image?

First, I draw a hot cup with blue, and to show that this is hot, I added a steam above the cup. Second, only cup is too weak to deliver the feeling, to give more information, I added a girl wearing winter clothes. She is holding the cup with two hands.


  • The purpose is to get rid of stereotype on color, ironically, It started from that Blue arouse a cool mood which is the most conventional idea.
  • The girl is not a warm object. Actually, she is in a cold place, thus she is wearing the thick clothes.
  • In this image, color is not a primary element which arouses the emotion. Even though If I see the image in black and white, I would feel this is a hot cup and she is now feeling warm by the hints such as a stem, winter clothes and her pose.
  • Perceiving this image if it is warm or not is the audience’s subjective choices. - it would be possible to deliver my intended emotion?


  • How can I change the stereotypical image and meaning on color? In my graphic which elements are recognized (I mean not abstract thing)
  • Because of cues in the image, such as character’s pose, face and steam, colors are not in the the priority when sending out the mood to the audience.