Visual Abstracts

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Visual Abstracts Part 1 of 2-Parts, facilitated by Sabine Groenewegen

How can you communicate about your research and practice in a way that stretches across multiple works and generates interest beyond the setting of the academy? During this seminar, students will develop a short audiovisual abstract consisting of moving image, audio and text. Like the abstract section of a written article, a visual abstract conveys key points of artistic research in a shorter format.

The abstract visually communicates important elements about the work produced during the graduate program, including research questions, theoretical framing, experiments and results. It can provide insight into interests and findings that run through the thesis and work (in progress). It can provide insight into the process and provide an opportunity to situate the artists’ work in a larger field of artists practitioners and researchers.

During the seminar we will explore what makes a compelling visual abstract, and students will shape material particular to their own work. Connecting theory and practice, the production of the visual abstract generates a process of reflection, clarification and formulation.

A captivating visual abstract can help you connect to for example crew, collaborators, funders, and curators. It can communicate your work and research to peers but also practitioners from disciplines. Visual abstracts can effectively support online or live presentations and artist talks. This thematic seminar will take place in two parts.