Veere selfportrait

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Selfportrait by Veere


Listener, write below a summary of this selfportrait which explains to the group what excitement & fears this person brings to the group:

Veere's self portrait shows a large stone with a hole in it's centre. the stone lays ontop of a an open book. Veere was interested in this stone because of its unusual shape and she likes to collect natural objects when she is out and about. The stone also symbolises feeling solid. the book illustrates a love of language but also a disparity between spoken and written English and how it may be difficult to sometimes articulate fluidly in her second language. the stone doubly represents a lack of solidity within language.

My name is…. Veere

I'm excited by… Finally having the time and attention to make new work. Finding my own way of working and researching. Being in a critical and ambitious environment, where we all have our unique process. I’m also just very curious where I’ll be at the end of this year.

Something I'm scared of is… Feeling to self-conscious about speaking within groups , en therefore not participating enough, because of a language barrier I feel. Also, doing collaborations I'm not really into.

When in a group, I need/value’’'... To speak out what’s on my mind.

To ensure my needs are met, I will’’’... Take my time to get comfortable with talking. And, being honest about collaborating.

I would find it helpful if others in the group would be willing to’’'... Accept the different approaches we all have within this course, by trying to really listen to others.