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- Hi my name is Xa_ta?n.


- Sistema Operacional is an audio/visual installation built inside a room, it intends to make the viewer experience oppression and reference the feeling back to the iconic references (eg. Apple Computer) inside the room. The installation should occupy a room by itself which might be accessed by doorways on both sides, or a contained space with one way in entrance. One (or more) computer will be placed in the room as a central point of control. Wired to other machines such as projectors, speakers, other computers, this central computer will send information to activate and control each machine. The computer performing a conductor for a technological orchestra while displying the proccesses on its screen. Space interferences juxtaposed by sound and moving image will create a sensory experience for the viewer.

What be the contemporary equivalent representation of "TV as symbol of alienation" (80's)?

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- Space interferences are changes on the space that are designed to be invisible and yet have an effect on the viewers behavior.

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- I like to think how Napoleon's tomb was built in way that people have to bow in order to have a good view of the architecture, while his tomb is raised some meters up from the floor with an oculus on top. An architectural gesture which leaves the viewer with the feeling of being small close to his remains.


I've chosen to call the project an Opera inspired both by the miss-use of the term as well by Wagner's Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art). In this case the “total work of art” comes ironically with the idea of using several medias in one a/v piece as an immersive experience. The miss-use of the term “Opera” comes with the fact that I don't intend to follow several of its classic notions, borrowing the ones that interests me the most, and again referencing Wagner with the pretension to reform the term. Nevertheless in this project's case there will be no reform of the term but détournement, by hijacking it I intend to use “spectacular images and language to disrupt the flow of the spectacle."
An important factor of this disruption is brought by the use of Apple's Mac OS X environment - the most spectacular of all Operating Systems – as the control center for the whole piece.


/// 03- Open Debian BASH Script

alt text
This summer in brussels I wanted to experiment with using bash programming as a radical form of publication.

/// 04- open first windows test on mac osX from vimeo BE FAST

alt text

/// 05- Open hunger games vs. Mac OS X (start at 37 seconds) to 1:45 >> 06:19 >> 07:57

alt text

/// 06- Open Batman Montage and walk thru

alt text

On this montage the film uses Guy Debord idea of Detournement to change the meaning of Occupy Wall Street.

alt text
alt text

“Plagiarism is necessary. Progress implies it. It clings to an author’s phrase, makes use of his expressions, erases a false idea, replaces it with the right idea.”

/// 08- Open montage final with images of occupy.

alt text


/// 09- Go thru early works folder. focus on quicktime and sound card crash.

Noise as part of my practice.

- An important element is Noise. Not only the massive accumulation of sounds. The informational cacophony power to confuse the viewer. Noise is also a reference to the amount of information available.

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alt text
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/// 10- Radical Software image as a reference of noise of information

- Improvisation is also an important element on my process as it opens unexpected possibilities for myself and for the public. And very often the platform for improvisation interests me more than a product. As those platform might construct some sort of temporary space.

- The works are made of processes and rules. Definitions of a system. This new system works as an antidote for the overlayered one. And in different projects it has different shapes, yet it plays as if a game is introduced to avoid the alienated reception of the work.

- The creation of platforms comes from my design practice. Creating a platform without content, is a form of empowering the other. A situation is created which requires the viewer to create the content.

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/// 11- Gif Cave

Refers the installation set up, where objects are placed in the space creating a space in itself instead of giving value to the objects inside. this happens in order to create a situation.

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I’ve been avoiding my interests for a/v and focusing more on presenting on art spaces. And the work as an experience instead of an object. Here I go back to the screen and incorporate my experience with spaces together with a/v elements.


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  • Speculations and Scketches: Creating a vocabulary of experiments which will lead to the creation of the necessary language for the score.
  • Score: Selecting pertinent scketches.
  • Space: organising experiments and work them within a space.
  • Production HD/4k/hi-res/matherfucker: high quality recordings, objects and the design of the space.
  • Thesis: following the dates on the Calendar.


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