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Zhang Yan, A Recipe of Harmony, Trimester 6, Year 2.

A Recipe of Harmony


This is a project aiming to show traditional Chinese culture and custom through food. The outcome is a video installation, with four round-shape loop videos projected on a big dining table, looks like four dishes offering to audiences. The four dishes are foods in five colors from Five Elements Philosophy, which are red, yellow, blue-green, black and white. According to the food stories and symbolism, they represent love, regeneration, peace and balance, as ingredients contribute to A Recipe of Harmony. On the other hand, together with the installation is a thesis book talking about Chinese food culture, dieting habits, philosophy, etc. It severs as theoretical basement and documentation of the whole project.

Final Outcomes

A Presentation Video


Video Series and Installtion



Thesis Book

Eating for Reunion and Happiness


Final Thesis Texts

  • Final thesis.pdf

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