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15 January


A brand new topic, so far, technology remains something elusive to me (seemingly because I believe that only with understanding do I have the qualifications to discuss it), and now I need to explore its impact, but I lack confidence.

The interesting part is, I've always wanted to explore the mutual influence between identity and everyday life. Feminism and technology are a great entry point, and I hope I can gain a deeper understanding in this SI.

16 January

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22 January

What's up with the cloud

See where the internet lives

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“Vicia Faba” seed packet frontside
  • An experiment utilising machine learning and Three.js to show how far hand tracking in the browser has come.

23 January

Old devices into servers

24 January

Discussion about Strike

Website Preview
  • Pad for 23 Jan
  • Group discussion to have a virtual strike about using cash to boycott mobile payments.I'm attempting to create a promotional webpage for it. The learning process of creating it will be documented here.


29 January

Server tours

30 January

Glich at ImageMagick

31 January


5 February

The Server

  • Pad for 5 Feb
  • Part 1: Pages 339-341:It talks about how servants feel when they wait for their masters' orders and the problems that come with waiting for a long time. It says that whether they are important messengers or regular servants, their work includes boring periods of free time, which makes them complain about their miserable condition. Living in the shadow of power can be very costly, as "The daily existence of a valet may be filled with boredom."

Servants will continue to work during long periods of idleness, even if all they do is wait for the next command or the doorbell to ring. Despite the mechanization of their daily routine, servants tended to spend their free time engaging in spiritual activities, which included reading. Servants would mimic the reading habits of their superiors and use their free time to further build their information advantage. Their entire time, even their leisure time, was at the disposal of their masters.

  • Part 2: Pages 343-347:In the absence of a specific task or instruction, the machine may enter an idle state, at which point it may perform some self-management or other auxiliary tasks to maintain its normal operation.

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A digital gallery by Sierra McLean

6 February

Build a Web Canvas

7 February



12 February

Beautiful Seams

  1. Sometimes, we prefer systems to appear simple and user-friendly, much like a faucet that easily dispenses water without needing to understand the purification process. However, at other times, we desire a deeper understanding of the complexity of systems, such as wanting to know how machine learning or algorithms operate. Some studies argue that black-boxing technology operations are detrimental, while others believe it is beneficial, such as in some infrastructure designs.
  2. Visibility and Invisibility The key to seamless design is to allow users to see and manage the inconsistencies and changes within the system, rather than perceive them as obstacles. This design approach considers inconsistencies and changes as resources that can be utilized and revealed.
  3. Cognitivism and interactionismThe debate between cognitivism and interactionism is actually reflected in the discussion of seamful versus seamless design. Cognitivism focuses on the individual's thought processes when dealing with a task and attempts to reduce the cognitive load so that users can use the technology more easily. Interactionism, on the other hand, focuses more on group interaction in complex environments and emphasizes the diverse contexts in which users use technology.

Decision Making

13 February

Basic Python

14 February

Ideas For SI23


21-25 February


What is the purpose of a feminist server?
  • According to Anarchaserver, it is a response to the unethical practices of transnational ICT companies, gender-based cyber-violence, and the centralization of the Internet, and it is hoped that through the creation of a feminist server, the accessibility, preservation, and management of data and projects related to feminist groups will be ensured. It aims to provide a safe online platform for feminists and activists to document feminist infrastructure herstory.Interestingly, when editing this text, the auto-correct spelling tool I was using asked me if I had changed herstory to history.
Roles to maintain the server
  • Example from Anarchaserver
  • Guardians: check possible bugs in the containers, and keep them updated for security and functionality purposes ,at least one for each container ideally two.
  • Fire extinguisher: Technicians to deal with unexpected and difficult problems
  • Interfaces:Testing+Customer Service
  • Scribes: Writing AS documentation,recording events, archiving
About digital colonialism

Data Epistemologies, The Coloniality of Power, and Resistance by Paola Ricaurte An idea was inspired when reading this article. It mentioned how digital colonization leads to double or triple marginalization for multiethnic countries and economically marginalized groups in the digital age, often overlooking the impact on those "existing outside this knowledge order.
Meanwhile, when exploring the concept of feminist servers, I occasionally found myself perplexed by the technical jargon involved. I understood that feminist servers aim to create an egalitarian virtual environment, but I wondered whether the high entry barriers to such environments inadvertently contribute to marginalization.
I would like to explore these issues using gaming or role-playing. A tentative game concept: the player can be transformed into a virtual "data baby" that exists purely in digital form. The player could explore the virtual world and choose the server that best suits them.

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26 February

27 February

28 February

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