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I used to use Apple pages to keep a record of what I learned, but they were always a bit of a mess, so I'm going to start using Wiki. hopefully, it will help me improve the situation.


Friday 10 November

Use Arduino to control LED lights

use loop to make mini traffic lights:

 int greenLed = 13;
 int yellowLed = 12;
 int redLed = 11;
 void setup() {
   // put your setup code here, to run once:
   pinMode(13, OUTPUT); //green 
   pinMode(12, OUTPUT); //yellow
   pinMode(11,OUTPUT); // red
 void loop() {
   // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
   //turn green light on for 0.5 seconds
   //turn off green light and turn yellow light on for 0.5 second
   // turn yellow off anf turn red on for 0.5 seconds


Monday 13 November

Meeting online

Worm Picnic Box

Continue to explore the thoughts about Worm Picnic, the original idea comes from Monday 6th November installation group

Some inspirations :

The morning online meeting came up with an interesting proposal to select a metaphor of interest and interview it. Next, I'll imagine a picnic box that serves as a metaphor for WORM a non-commercial underground radio station, combined with some of the results of the group discussion, to answer the questions.

Interviewer:How do you define yourself?
Picnic Box:Oh, darling, I'm not just a box; I'm a symphony of joy, a curated collection of delightful moments.
Interviewer:How were you born?
Picnic Box:Ah, my origin story is as whimsical as a wandering plastic bag on a windy day. Picture this: a group of free-spirited souls, consulting the random dance of clouds instead of weather apps. They meet in the serendipity of social apps, bringing delectable creations to share. And voila, I was born, a delicious amalgamation of their creativity and a touch of Flashes of Oven Wisdom
Interviewer:What are you holding?
Picnic Box:Well, Inside my cozy space, I've got a picnic mat that's not your everyday kind. It's like a magical map revealing the coolest secrets of this place. You can stroll around following it, and guess what? Find some treasures along the way.And guess what else?I've got a deck of cards, but these aren't for playing poker or building houses of cards. Nope, these cards are like mysterious pieces with some serious vibes.They're linked to protocols, which are like secret rules or codes. Now, I'm not exactly sure what these rules are about; I'm just a box, not a code-cracking expert. Of course, there are more other things, but time is limited, so that's all for now.
Interviewer:Where do you usually meet?
Picnic Box:Maybe we need a tangible, realistic place, and maybe we don't. Maybe we're under a lawn, maybe it's a lawn under a tree, or a lawn under a tree that's blooming cherry blossoms, and we're in a communal place for a communal activity, and we've turned that communal place briefly, temporarily, into a private space that has no boundaries.
Interviewer:What are you doing?
Picnic Box:Oh, you've walked right into our little joy party! We gather, we laugh, we listen, we share, we drink hot ginger tea, we eat home-made sandwiches. We listen to the bubbling sound of fish in a river flowing from far away. We let out a laugh as we hear an ancient joke that has been roaming the internet for 20 years. We're not exactly on a mission or anything serious; we're just here, in this moment, in this place, doing whatever feels right.
Interviewer:Can other people join?
Picnic Box:Absolutely! We're like an open invitation to immersion matter who are you there's always room on our magical picnic mat. Feel free to hop on in and add your own splash of anything to the mix!
Interviewer:What happens when the picnic box is closed?
Picnic Box:Probably a lot of junk.When the box is closed. A short time of wandering away was over. Each one that leaves. Some might be content, others a tad bewildered, not entirely sure what just happened, and that's perfectly okay. What they do know is that they've collected something special—a handful of laughter, the taste of ginger tea, the echo of an ancient joke. It's a piece of a dream, a little rough around the edges, people might take this piece of subtle moments into some future.

Today's Wanderings

ZuZu was once a real newspaper

Tuesday 14 November

Broadcast 9

A poster advertising the pan-European picnic in 1989.

Pad for Broadcast 9, on this pad user who uses a pink and purple background attached a link to Interview with a Photocopier, it seemed like a stream-of-consciousness interview conversation, I wasn't quite able to understand. Interestingly, this interview comes from Datacide, which, in its introduction, emphasizes that it is not affiliated with any particular political group, reminds me of a picnic-related political event The Pan-European Picnic, it was a peaceful demonstration that was recognized as a link in the chain reaction that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Wednesday 15 November


Pad for 15 Nov
Interview Ife with Mania
Background information:

  • Third Places refer to social spaces that are separate from routine environments such as work and home. Lending itself as a spiritual tonic our “Third Place” nurtures discourse that offers free form expression, perspective and togetherness. To create an inclusive community that highlights womanhood and the lives of marginalized groups we interact with all disciplines to raise social interaction and creative outlet among those that crave and deserve a liberating platform.
  • Ife Carter is a young creative who likes to immerse herself in impact projects that amplify neglected narratives and stimulate collective thinking. In her work she aspires to learn from exchange with others in order to foster co-creation and imagination that connects people from different backgrounds and practices.

Pad for Backup Questions
Pad for Ife

Friday 17 November

Programming the LED strip

Using the % and if statements

 void loop() {
 pixels.clear(); // Set all pixel colors to 'off'
 // The first NeoPixel in a strand is #0, second is 1, all the way up
 // to the count of pixels minus one.
 for(int i=0; i<NUMPIXELS; i++) { // For each pixel...
   // pixels.Color() takes RGB values, from 0,0,0 up to 255,255,255
   // Here we're using a moderately bright green color:
   if ((i%3) == 0) {
     pixels.setPixelColor(i, pixels.Color(0, 255, 0));
   else if ((i%2) == 0) {
     pixels.setPixelColor(i, pixels.Color(0, 0, 255));
   else  {
     pixels.setPixelColor(i, pixels.Color(255, 0, 0));
   };   // Send the updated pixel colors to the hardware.
   delay(DELAYVAL); // Pause before next pass through loop

Add a potentiometer to control the brightness

Add a potentiometer to control the brightness

 int knob = analogRead(A0);
 void setup() {
 // These lines are specifically to support the Adafruit Trinket 5V 16 MHz.
 // Any other board, you can remove this part (but no harm leaving it):
 #if defined(__AVR_ATtiny85__) && (F_CPU == 16000000)
 // END of Trinket-specific code.
 pixels.begin(); // INITIALIZE NeoPixel strip object (REQUIRED)
 void loop() {
 int knob = analogRead(A0);
 int brightness = map(knob,0,1023,0,255);
 for(int i=0; i<NUMPIXELS; i++) { // For each pixel...
   pixels.setPixelColor(i, pixels.Color(50, 50, 230));;

Interview Ife with Mania

The whole interview was very enjoyable, Ife is a very energetic and thoughtful creator and she mentioned that the Radio Worm community feels like the living room of a home to her, inclusive and providing security for creators.


Monday 20 November

Machine Listening and Voice Analysis


Instructions A workshop gives us an initial exploration of the

Today's Wanderings

“Vicia Faba” seed packet frontside
  • The “Gift Alchemy” of the Fava Bean
  • Alt Text as Poetry WorkbookBy Bojana Coklyat and Shannon Finnegan
  • THE SERVICEBERRY An Economy of Abundanceby Robin Wall Kimmerer.This article refers to a very simple economic system, the gift economy. A case in point, people can buy a wool scarf in a store, or receive a gift of a scarf knitted by someone close to them, and while they both physically function to keep them warm, the emotional connection they have with the item is quite different. I realized that this concept explains well my own preference for the picnic box metaphor. The community network created through the gift economy does not judge wealth by material possessions, nor does it artificially disrupt the status quo to increase the scarcity of certain goods. As Ife, the creator of Third Space, mentioned in a previous interview, she gained a sense of belonging at WORM. The gift attribute of this sense of belonging will naturally lead to feelings of gratitude, which in turn triggers positive reciprocity. If the apocalypse metaphor mentioned in the SPECIAL ISSUE is continued, exploring the gift economy in an apocalypse scenario (post-apocalypse picnic), I think I'll try to explore that direction.

Tuesday 21 November

Mathematica code to create an M-voice part by generating an integer sequence (the difference between consecutive prime numbers) and mapping the sequence onto pitches in a given scale.

Discussion about the preparation

Pad for 21 Nov
Discussion about the preparation for event on 2023-12-07.
XPUB1 will create the website for the special issue 22 here.

Today's Wanderings

Sound to Motion Graphics by TD 0.1

Results of the first try

Basic Concept of TouchDesigner
Results of the first try
All participants were able to receive some form of gift as a construct of belonging in a post-apocalyptic scenario.

Wednesday 22 November

Launch Event Integration Meeting

Pad for 22 Nov
the name for the launch event: "Signal Lost: Archive unzipped"

Thursday 23 November

Using the CNC mills

Design the CNC


Monday 27 November

A Framework for Signal Transformation

Step 1: Setting Up Voice Input

  • Audio Input:the Audio Input CHOP
  • Feature Extraction:Python scripts analyze the voice input( pitch, volume, rhythm)

Step 2: the L-System( lindenmayer systems)

  • Python scripts /touchdesigner's native nodes Define rules
  • mapping Voice Features to L-System Parameters

Step 3: Real-Time Visualization

  • SOPs (Surface Operators)
  • Real-Time Updates:Timer CHOP/other mechanisms

The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants by Aristid Lindenmayer and Przemysław Prusinkiewicz, presents a mathematic formula to describe the growing structure of plants.

Tuesday 28 November

Pad for 28 Nov

Wednesday 29 November

Generate Content from Text

Pad for 29 Nov

Sunday 3 December

Description of Gift Economy

Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition

We're going to dive into the interesting concept of the gift economy, where survivors find resilience and connection amid chaos.

Imagine a world where, in the quiet aftermath of dramatic change, a silent connection emerges, bringing survivors together through the archives of nature. Our story takes place in WORM, a shelter where a certain mysterious collection becomes a symbolic centre that weaves together human and natural elements. Here, the social debris embraces the emotional rather than the physical, creating a shared sense of belonging amidst the ruins.

It's a community that thrives on shared experiences, building bonds that transcend the scarcity-driven norms of the past. In the book, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition, it is stated: “Gifts cement the mystical realization of participation in something greater than oneself which, yet, is not separate from oneself. The axioms of rational self-interest change because the self has expanded to include something of the other.”

Considering something as a gift changes our relationship with it, even though the physical composition of the "object" remains the same. A broken scarf from the rubble can shield you from the biting wind, but a scarf woven from the threads of a shared existence can wrap you in a different kind of warmth - a warmth that requires responsibility and resonates with gratitude. Imagine if we recognized that everything we pick up is a gift of collective remnants. We'd treat those scraps with reverence. WORM is a sustaining community in a post-apocalyptic environment, where survivors are reawakening to the construction of nature, where the old economic order is being collapsed, and where they are no longer concerned with scarcity of commodities and rates of return on investment. This new economic order, known as the "gift economy," is a social model based on reciprocity and gratitude. Survival is not just about material acquisitions but is based on a deep connection with nature and with each other.


Monday 4 December

connect Rain Receiver with ChopChop

Pad for 4 Dec
The concept of Rain Receiver:In a post-apocalyptic world, natural archiving becomes a guide. Human beings follow the guidance and are connected together by natural archiving.

WORM, a place where survivors gather in the apocalyptic, the Rain Receiver becomes a symbolic nexus of human and natural elements within this community, where humans and nature no longer have the commodity attributes of a one-directional society, and where the emotional link becomes an important medium for constructing a sense of belonging.

Through the Rain Receiver, we analyze the language of nature by receiving the frequency of rain to generate sounds. As survivors touch the Rain Receiver, they become part of the ongoing narrative. The act of touching the receiver is an intimate gesture, akin to the act of giving. This interaction triggers a cascade of experiences – the sound of rain, snippets of stories, and stream-of-consciousness memories collected from the community.