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Thesis outline draft Yu-Ching 15102020

I. Introduction 1.1 The form of the thesis A practical report that can sort out the logic of my art creating methodology, supplemented by the analysis of the corresponding artist theories and references to reflect on my creation process.

1.2 Background I am a person who is controlled by contemporary digital technology but also wants to control it in return. In my experience, my perception of place and time is bewildered by the immediate connectivity of modern telepresence technology. While I am doing video chat, I often don't know where I am, how to get along with and express emotions with people on the other end of the screen. In modern times, we can get along with remote lovers with advanced telepresence technology. However, the actual physical distance still exists. We still can't live in the same city, we still can't touch each other, and our actions after disconnection are still limited. For example, we still can't meet in the same supermarket and watch the same clouds. This feeling of partially connected but partially out of touch always troubles me, and there seems to be something missing or mutated in it.

In terms of Video art (related to the subject)..... TBC

2. Thesis Statement I intend to collect illusions and confusions caused by people's interpersonal interaction due to digital technology- telepresence. I research the technology and background of creating illusions in video art based on real environmental factors. In the hope that I could use video art to explore the perception of body, space, and time which disappears or increases or manipulates in this interaction between digital technology and human interaction.