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literature survey

really early days

essay on methodology



'Resonant bodies, voices, memories' (2008) edited by Anke Bangma, Deirdre M. Donoghue, Lina Issa and Katarina Zdjelar

'A Voice and Nothing More' (2006) Mladen Dolar

'The Telephone Book: Technology, Schizophrenia, Electric Speech' (1991) Avital Ronell

Scorescapes On Sound Environment and Sonic Consciousness, Yolande Harris, Phd thesis

Gregory Bateson 'Steps to an Ecology of Mind' (1972)

'Playing with words. The spoken word in artistic practice' Edited by Cathy Lane (2008)

+ additional, I want to look at

The Voice of New Music by Tom Johnson New York City 1972-1982 A collection of articles originally published in the Village Voice MUSIC

Dr Hartmut Obendorf, In Search of “Minimalism”— Roving in Art, Music and Elsewhere

++ tech literature

two books by Nicolas Collins Handmade electronic music and Hardware Hacking


Maurizio Nannucci ‎– Parole / Mots / Words / Wörter