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What is a camera?

Black space with a small light hole (Fileona, LB1) cameras are small optical computers

apparatus: the complex structure of a particular organization or system. (Elysa, LB1)

Is Cyanotype a camera? (YC, LB1)

A camera is a system that, throughout a game of lenses, is able to capture light to frame a portion of reality (Annalisa, LB1)

A machine that is programmed, in which it allows us to capture and show people what we see, our view on the world. (Thy, LB1)

camera (n.) 1708, "vaulted building; arched roof or ceiling," from Latin camera "a vault, vaulted room" (source also of Italian camera, Spanish camara, French chambre), from Greek kamara "vaulted chamber, anything with an arched cover," which is of uncertain origin. A doublet of chamber. Old Church Slavonic komora, Lithuanian kamara, Old Irish camra all are borrowings from Latin. [1] (Anh)

It is to paint with light (Lea)

A tool which guides or forces us in creating a (physical or digital) representation of a perception (Jelle, LB1)

It arrests time.

What 'aspects' or 'qualities' define/make the character of a camera?

Analog and digital Cost of medium Level of automation (how many decisions does the camera take for you?) "directness' of producing the image Intrusiveness of physical appearance

Camera in general is framing machine that brings paradoxical function. It is an extension of limited body( allows you to draw attention something that you normally ignored). But also it records the fragment of reality, which can be translated as metaphorical narratives (Muxingye Chen)

A camera allows me to give little presents to myself (the presents being the photos) (Elysa, LB1)

Digital camera has immediacy quality that allows instant result and instant adjustments during the photo taking process (Thy, LB1)

A way to express/show feelings

notes from a previous year:

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Modularity Flashlight? How noisy is it? Aspect ratio Storage - recording duration or number of pictures ;) stability / ergonomics ruggedness / reliability cost of initial purchase cost of operation (film stock / storage / data memory usages ) cost of maintenance ease of use / user friendliness (on set vs in postproduction) dynamic range

esthetics of the camera (does it look professional? does it make you want to use it) size / seriousness of the camera brand (leica, arri, panavision) does it record sound? expandabiity (ease of mounting other tools)