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overview of all my contributions

12.6 imagine (meditation) 12.4 i can think with my own head & generative operations (sonification of symbols) 12.3 insecurity hotline (advice) ICT 12.2 Myths mythods mythodologies (speculation talk) 12.1 Protocall: Do conversations ever end? ( w/Mark

12.0 - collaboration with Mark

  • method: having a conversation on a pad, reading each others' lines out loud.
  • content: public speaking, fear, expressing thoughts

Contribution: File:0 willthiswork.mp3 <

12.1 - collaboration with Mark

  • method: extracting a few sentences from 12.0, collective editing, additional writing, reading out loud, order not specified, overlapping voices
  • content: continuing the 12.0 conversation

Contribution: File:1 protocall.mp3 <

12.2 - collaboration with Ioana and Clara We did a few exercises, such as:

  • E1: associations, one word, quick, rotation
  • E2: Storytelling, one sentence rotation
  • E3: Description of an unknown item (object, entity, subject, ...), one sentence, rotation.

We have expanded on E3, constructed a term "MYTHOD" (myth+methodology) and described it in a ~1h duration E3. We have divided the recording into 3 parts, each one of us got a part to edit from 20min into 3min, we joined the parts into a 10min contribution.

File:Myths mythods mythodologies.mp3

12.3 - collaboration with Ioana and Clara For the continuation of our collaboration we have decided that each one of us is to create a mythod each week. This week it was Clara. Insecurities hotline was a hotline that expands your insecurities onto a world, where they do not seem fatal or tragic. We have advised a protocol in which each one of us recorded an insecurity (short, small). The other two responded (adressing another level of abstraction - medium (community) and large (universal) with comforting strategies, accepting the insecurity.

12.4 - solo contribution Our collaboration with Ioana and Clara has fallen apart. I have made two solo contributions to this broadcast, revolving around the topic of damage. One was an older track of mine called I can think with my own head, and the other one was a translation of the list of generative operations that Queering damage has presented to us during our workshop. I have vocalized the symbols.

12.5 - solo contribution The topic chosen by the caretakers of this week is autorship and ownership. Since I feel strongly about producing self-generative works, I will contribute to this broadcast by using some of the tactics of remix culture and appropriation by making a collage of my own works (text), and by that, create a new work.





  • Mary Nardini Gang: Be Gay, Do Crime
  • Kathryn Yusoff: A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None














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