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Prototyping session #1 (16-9-2019)

with Andre ->

Poortgebouw Autonomous Archive -> automated publications.

Live hacks - special issue #7, entreprecariat, inspirational quote machine.

Memories of the fist use of computers: Encarta encyclopedia, the sound of dial-up internet.

Experimental publishing. How I explain: "The meaning of publishing is not as in book publishing [založništvo], but a search for a public. How to get into contact with diverse publics/public bodies, through the use of interdisciplinary medias."

Prehistory of UNIX - a lot of users interacting with a single machine. Batch process before - one person is the administrator of the machine. then: Multics dumb terminal, optimising the time of the machine, merry go around mode.

Thompson & Richie -> principles of Multics -> UNIX (1969). (programs that do one thing). UNIX wasn't commercialised, but spread around users etc. Versions appear (BSD), other independant versions. Minix version (1987, NL). Linus Trovald (1991, FIN) - Linux (he licenses it under GPL).

Richard Stallman - GNU - GPL: General Public License. Free software definition. He makes a version of Unix, without the sourcecode of atnt.

NexTSTEP -...> Mac OS

> Raspberry Pi (UK) = a server for us, a "sandbox". Pi IP: We are users of the machine - "shared hosting", handled by an administrator. me: windows - unix - translation - difference : combining programs together into a "workflow" (via text).

TUTORIAL: control+c -> cancels stuff. pwd -> print working directory ->where am i? ls -> list all present data. touch name.txt -> create a file. remove -> rm name.txt -> delete a file. make directory (folder)-> mkdir myfolder /ali/ mkdir "my folder" remove all the files inside (a dangerous one) -> rm-r "my folder" acces manual -> ? search within the manual -> \x exit manual -> q ? ssh -> secure shell

~ -> shortcut for home / -> basis of the file system ls . ls .. ls ../.. -> root

echo "x"-> repeats what is said before. echo "x" > name.txt cat -> prints out the content of the file.

| -> pipe

| wall -> broadcast text messages between users.

figlet OR toilet OR cowsay OR cowthink - ascii --gay, --metal -> colours

lp -> it is a line printer

echo "printing" | toilet > /dev/usb/lp0

> /dev/usb/lp0 -----> reach the printer

apt search nekineki -> išči aplikacije

ček dis out;: stegosuite/stable 0.8.0-2 all steganography tool to hide information in image files

--tts -> text to speech

festival = text to speech program.


how you put the files on the Pi? create new biographies from existant. (as in: tool: dadadodo ( ->

tool: sed 's(substitute)/kaj/sčim/g(globbal)' -> sed 's/i/1/g' --->

scp -> secure copy

wget +?-> download. -------ni uspelo, ker je zahtevalo pi@[IP...]geslo!!! mv -> preimenuj

each person to have a specific directory -> public_html -> index.html ->

echo "WHATEVER" >public_html/index.html

wget (+ stisni desni klik) move-> mv doge.jpg public_html src (location, source)

  1. kernel -> shell is an interface between the user and the kernel.

in public_html:

<html> <title> Tisa </title> <style> img { width: 400px;} body {color: white; background: black; } </style> </head>




Prototyping session #2 (30-9-2019)

with Andre ->

GIT repository : Creating SSH (secure shell) keys. = a key and a lock. A ssh public key (admin knows, can exist in any of the machines you log in) and a ssh private key (individual, existing in only one, your machine). A private key can match several public keys(locks).
(WHERE? -> /home/TisaNeza/.ssh/id_rsa)
list all (-a) in home directory (..) -> ls -a .. autocomplete -> tab keys. text editor: sublime text ~ -> home to see the hidden files -> ls -a

cat -> ? ne -> ? touch -> ?

get into the xpubpi, write: ssh xpubpi (and then write your password of the ssh key).

find if the program is installed (within cygwin) -> which git

What is GIT? Version-control system. Keeping track of versions while creating, mostly used for plain-text (also images (especially vector, binary images), sound etc.) Usage of git -> Seeing the differences between versions.

To practice: created a folder named: Website (home/TisaNeza/website), within it two files (open with sublime text) named: html.index (can be opened in the browser to follow the changes) & style.css.

Some CSS ref here.

rm -> remove -r -> delete a directory

initiate GIT -> git init

follow up commands to start versioning (on paper -> git cheat sheat) commit is a version

git status
git add <filename>
git commit -m "write something"

. here .. parent directory

ls -la (list all)

git log git diff <filename> -> see differences/changes. git checkout -- <filename> -> How do I remove the changes of a file before it gets committed?

git add -u -> adds all the tracked changes.

git remote add origin ssh:// git remote git remote -v (tell me more) git push -u origin master

(use the HTTPS from git)

git remote add origin git push -u origin master

HOW website -> pi mv <old name> <new name> -> move or rename rm -r -> remove folder (when its -r, its for the folder) clone from git (from the link) -> git clone <namethefile>

tree OR cd <name> -> to see what's inside.

Then you can see it here (because the pi is currently hosting our websites)

become anyone -> sudo su <username>

TASK: start working on a collective website for the special issue:

Advice: each time before you start working on it -> PULL! -> git pull

two repositories are the working places for all of us!

home\TisaNeza\issue ........ for the special issue website:

to push: add -> commit -> push -> the changes can be seen here in real-time:

to PULL: git pull (from the https link from git)

home\TisaNeza\special-issue-x ...... Repository for special issue arduino codes:

if the name of the file starts with a . it is invisible.

nano -> text editor

Prototyping session #3 (2-10-2019)

With Michael

film: A computer glossary or, coming to terms with the data processing machine

ref book: Katherine Hayles - My mother was a computer/ How we became post-human/ Writing machines ref film: Hidden figures ref exhibition: Computer grrrls

binary counting -> least significant bit, most significant bit. arabic numbers -> positional 0-9 Boole (true and false, propositional logic) -> boolean not true = false not false = true logical conjunction AND gate

Shannon -> uses the Boolean logic -> binary digit = bit 2^0, 2^1, 2^2, 2^3, 2^4, ...

digital - bits. (8 bits is the smallest chunk = 0-255 or 256). 8 bits = 1 byte.

analog - analogic logic, -12:+12db, 0V:5V ...

De Morgan's laws

AND = happy when both are true OR = happy when one of them is true NOT = an inverted AND (NAND)

The human computer

The truth table AND 0+0=0, 0+1=0, 1+0=0, 1+1=1
OR 0+0=0, 0+1=1, 1+0=1, 1+1=1
0-9 + A-F (16 bits = 2 bytes) 0123456789ABCDEF

Git structure: basics modules sketches templates utils

Prototyping session #4 (7-10-2019)

with Andre. ->

Exploring the wiki. Using the wiki as a publishing tool for the special issue.

Cunningham, the creator of wiki (first HyperCard, then The WikiWikiWeb). Hyperlinks. Hitting the edge of the wiki -> possibility to expand it, creating new pages.


REF: Working with Mediawiki, Yaron Koren

wiki syntax ->

[pandoc] is a program, that mediates between different markup languages.

[API] ----> More here

JSON viewer extention

string    "some text inside"
list    names =  ["Ioana", "Damla", "Anna"]        
object/dictionary   key: value
person = {    "name": "Brian",
   "age": 34,
   "birth": "Jerusalem",
   "parents": ["Mary", "Joseph"],
   "looks": { "nose_size": "big",
              "hair": ["blond", "curly"],
              "abs": 6} }

Name of Brians parent?


How many abs does brian have?


on terminal: Jq

Prototyping session #5 (16-10-2019)

with Michael

Use the Arduino reference

see the Arduino document for additional comments: 16-10-2019

Hz = cycles per second

tone(11, 440, 1000); //tone(pin, frequency (hz), duration(1000 miliseconds == 1s)

analogWrite(pin, value (duty cycle (off/on percentage), between 0 (off) and 255 (on)))

Difference between analog and digital pins, functions? digital -> digital pin, only digital (read, write)function -> switch on or off. analog inputs A2, A3 (value: 0-1023), but there is no real analog output (there are the digital outputs with ~ -> the simulators of analog signals -> pmw -> pulse width modulation

nested loops - loops within loops. scope?

//try out also the random function //try also to #define knobs (see: memphis)


I'm thinking on how to adapt or confront.
My field is not the Terminal, it is Command prompt.
All instructions are for mac OS.
Windows has not provided me with a nice view.

In half-sleep watched this (19-9-2019)

Dennis suggests (20-9-2019):

- installing

- Depending on the Windows version you could either try [[1]] > (> win 10).

-You could use the PZI raspberry pi prolly -or use a linux 'live image' on bootable USB stick to boot into linux without hurting windows.

So, my decision (22-9-2019) seems to be to install Linux on a USB and run it.

So, what happens (23-9-2019) is that the Linux live (the non - stable one or how do you call this anyways?) makes the screen shiver, tilting it in randomized horizontal-vertical positions, surprisin, provoking a call of momentarity, a glimpse of a shock. It is said that this version of it does not remember, every installation would have to be made anew each time when running it. How is it like to not possess any memory? //So, can I empathize with a machine yet?//

(30-9-2019) with Andre-> installed cygwin ($ apt-cyg install figlet) seems to work.

(7-10-2019) I will have to upgrade to Windows 10 or buy a Thinkpad. Cygwin will not work forever.

Within Cygwin I was unable to git pull ...

(11-10-2019) Install Virtual box (done) and Debian within it. Steps: Problem - The virtual box doesn't have the 64-bit version.

(9-11-2019) Amost a month has passed and I still haven't solved this situation. To be honest, there was not much thought given to it because we have not really used git in this time, the focus was shifted towards other, more hardware and conceptual exlorations.

(1-2020) I got a lenovo with ubuntu. allelujah.