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proposed chapter - description

Form: a fiction story

Object: nets

In the second chapter, the fiction story, I will think and write together with the material that is guiding my works - a discarted, deconstructed fishnet, washed ashore of an anonymous beach. I will embody - personify it and let it tell its story through language. This chapter is closely connected to the material works that I will be making this year. (See my "semiotic vision" in the project proposal - it is the ground on which I will build this story on.)

The narrative will expand from the material itself, speaking about the relation of flow and systems, movement and stillness, birth and pollution, cycles of passing from one structure to another. The net will speak of society's mechanisms of shaping bodies and materials, hegemonic control and governance, the conception of a tool, the externalization of human intent and industrial revolution: the influence of machines/technology on contemporary conceptions of humans and materials (also: dopamine, disembodiment, attention economy, distraction). The principle of personification of a material will allow me to speak on behalf of the material and also on behalf of humans. The net will stumble across social contracts, habitus, normalization.

Keywords: systems, networks, structures, material, matter, composition, hegemony, social contracts, disobedience, violence, bodies, form, tradition, influence, ...