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proposed chapter - description

Form: a cowritten essay

Object: field report

In the first chapter of my thesis, a cowritten essay will be produced, an exchange between two thinkers - myself and my friend Leon Holsten. Discourse will unravel in our dialogues (phone conversations and collaborative writing). We will share our own personal experiences of the texts and other references that we are studying together. Writing this text will be an experiment in collaborative writing and a negotiation between standpoints, a study of tensions that might emerge when two conceptual apparatuses find themselves in an in-depth encounter. Publishing this text will allow for a response from its readers (in a form of open commentary section on my website), a possible versioning of successive texts, and expansion into other discursive collaborations with my cowriter.

The text will speak about the entanglements that humans take part in. It will take sound as the phenomenon guiding our research of multiplicities and intra-actions between elements in an (eco)system. The domain of field recordings will serve as an inspiration, and so will specific cases of the natural systems adapting to the human interventions into them. Paranodality and non-spaces will be mentioned as the areas of the outside, the tracing of marginalia that pushes the dynamics of influence from the entryways and passages into the networked weave of inseparable elements.

Keywords: entanglement, exchange, influence, networks, collaboration, birds, sensibility, noticing the intricate, implicit multiplicities, paranodal spaces, conglomerates, additive, field recordings, acoustic ecology, cyborgs, ...