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Notes 16.07.15 Some notes on a possible interview with video game collector Clint and possible on the topic on storing, collecting, storing, organize ++++

LGR - My PC Game Collection (3,000+ games)

lgr 6 years How often do you play the games? Just storage? Other hobbies outside main focus on childhood games or not worry for the historical or really obscure don’t care sealed or duplicate pass out on a lot find them thrift store ++ ebay eand donations... (maybe tak in to much?) Starting collecting in 2006, around 8-9 years college, looking around thrift store, star trek 25th anniversary. First time finding 5inch floppy disk first computer, what is first computer? Less money, collecting more? Collecting for hobby find games and then find aot of the stories behind the games did not know the “making of” reading books, internet crotical, researching paper, journals then arcacing myself, backing up all of my floppies active in a group online

then LGR as a result of that

piracy guilt owing pieces of art

the floppies, the box art, the leaflets, posters +++ want to own the game, to own all of that

want to start a museum at some point (want to share knowoefe) if not am museum or traveling circus.. like a book fair.. computer game fair love having people owe, share it.

Not just game.. but os. Productivity programs.. print program.. Y2K encyclopedia.. screen savers.. utility games

LGR - Floppy Disks

farglige medium, limits shelf life.. will not last deluded.. if the information is second to the disc themselves.. the trough is somewhere in-between a symbol, more then a medium

for some its more physical reminder for another time

for me, they symbol fun, engagement..found memories trust, as its a symbol for saving

don’t feel the same attempt for other types of storage.

Retro computer and gaming if they come on floppies, its important.. more then other medium )other packing compared to new)

temporary limited life time of it..

feels flimsy, corruptible..

I got discs from 1979 that work, but others of the 2001 that will not read they are finite. The drive. Harder to find the hardware to read them-they are fun to handle (maybe the unstable nature is the shame, wile it want it)

like a vinyl or old care..

I can play from a emulator. But not the same as playing form the disc, the feel, the sent of it in ones hands