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Chad Mcall

The Ruling class and the ruling idea:_ How the _______ conception of the domination of the spirit in History arose The idea of the ruling class in every epoch the ruling ideas i.e., the class which is the ruling material forces of society of material production at its disposal, consecutive

The ruling ideas are nothing more than the ideal expression of the dominant material relations.

Thesis- + anti thesis

- Syntheises


Counter Hegomany


Base Superstructure

Sofie Faince

Perverts Guide to Ideology


They Live John Carpenter Put on the glasses

The name of the trashcan is called ideology The tragedy of the predicament ……. The material force of ideology …….

The perverts guide to ideology

They Live forgotten classic Homeless worker, drifting around

The glasses work as a critic of dialog

We live in a post ideology society

You see dictatorship in democracy

Invaders of the body snatchers

The critic of ideology ..

To step out of ideology is peacefuller John Nada

You most the force to be free

Sound of Music Syconaliasti ?

Enjoyment is the enjoyment is disturbing pleasure Duty and pleasure

Where ideology

None is to a live to live as a nun. Maria get to disputed of love and passion.

The censure take away the song scene Smart secure

Catholic propaganda.

The churned and deliver

You can what you want, god look over you

Pretend to renounce and you can get it one.

Guilty of not enjoying to much.


A commodity is just a simple object a commodity full of meta physical …

Coke is the real thing

The real is not just another positive….

We a obligate to enjoy The parachute, the more you drink the more trusty you get. Its disre to dicire more.???

The exes is with us for ever

Kinder surprise egg The surplice is death

What you bout and the sup rice you get for free. The chocolate frame is not a road to a deeper voice. —— Steve recap Invisible transcendent, can’t pinpoint Its not the real thing, if its not real.. its not worth. Transcendent experience from product Desire

Palato - the amalgam

Anti metaphysical —

Auto to joy To brotherhood and freedom Universal adaptability Nazi used to public event

In soviet, communist song China, was the 9th century progress music

South Rodecy? used as national anthem Present Golazes

Un official anthem of European union.

A ideology is just a me, but work as a anti container. the gut feeling, that… OO my good

Clock Work-Orange The song make Alex at home

Beethoven is not a freedom song, Beethoven is ideology Critic of ideology — steve

cynical reason they know what they doing, but I am doing never there less.

— west side story Officer They know what they are doing

We all have a March of freedom, but objectify Cameron, bad thing. they tok think without paying for it. Riot acting out in the space of consumerism

Big Ideology strike for consumer.

The most brutal is the sublime for….

Steve recap Defurd gratification To pros pone it Black Friday is ideology --- Taxi driver

Is disturb by his fattens of the hooker Jdy Foster

— The Searchers / taxi driver The hero try to save a young woman

The task is to save the preserve victim, but the underage is the victim don’t want to be saved… Vilce is never abstract violence.. its trying to cover over impose reality

Brevik manifesto its ideology, its a reaction to....... The "villian" want to take suicide —

Jaws anagram of socialism, natural disaster Fidel Castro jaws was a symbol for brutal capitalism

Fascism is a consecrations revolution

Capitalists work on unstable. —

The other is not only a enemy. but can see someone that can steal for your enjoyment.

Rammstein precast the symbol of nazimen Steve Recap Pure element of liberal investment

—— 50min

Starbucks Build a consumerist with out bad concurrent You pay a little more but its going to helping people.

True capitalist is ready to scarify everything for capitalistic Capitalistiem is always in crisis, but its what keeps its stable.

Moahive desert We experience history —

what do suzec? mean about ideology.

10 December

Walter Benjamin

Authentic passive experience Noting new can emerge


Titanic stand for

We know the impact on the sinking Not fibula but real Impact, in society.. unnerve of its decay of the future James Cameron When the explorer came close to the wracked, a sublime where the aura where they where to to visit A enjoyment of pain.

The secrecy is the ideology James Cameron Hollywood Marxism

The poor is good The rich is dicks

What cool do the iceberg have?

Winslet is confused, ego is destroy Leonardo helps where to re constitute here ego.

A new version o old imperious myth, they need a contact to the lower classes, like vampire way and revitalise them to go back to the life of upper clase.

The catastrophe save, desperate manner to save love.

Hollywood, the classic. Great war, catastrophe ..t the couple need to keep to getter true it all. The late 1940s, local girl fall in love with a couple.

Couple At moment of love, optical Then man need to fight to get the couple together

The couple get to getter with the power of Stalin

The idealist is the speeches, but the underlining that the small, surplice things attracts us. this is how ideology works —— Full Metal Jacket.

Military Something where thinking at MASH is a anti military, but is not They did there duty

Military march, is the military.

You need unwritten rules in society Everything looks fine on the surface, but under the surface The class between between old and new society. The link between the victim and the arbitrators.

In Full Metal Jacket, the most normal solider is the most functional one.

If you get to close with the ideology , you get to close and it became self destructive

How is joker? How does he oboes.

Harvey dent take on his role as batman, Gordon stages is how death Barman takes on Harry killings on him self.

Power needs authority

If there is no god, then everything i permitted If there IS a god, then everything is permitted

This is how religious / totalitarianism works When Stalin, not a arrogant master, but a submissive servants. What we call "The Big other"

In the stain universe The necessity of progress to communism. History —

A communist experience himself as a actor for historical nasality.

Not responsible. I am just acting for THE BIG OTHER

Lin loved cats and kids To undermine Lenin, not to make fun. Bu to undermine the people Milo Forman

To undermine people, this is no people that undermines……

The Brief Encounter

What is the Big Other?

Onee hand is The secrets order of things, divine, faith. The Big other is the order of appearances

The Big Other, is the function to keep up appearances.

There is no big other, But there is no one to confess, we are alone. —

Kafka State s the only contract to the Devine for a non religious contact. The performances only exist to generate enjoyment.

— The death of Christ , is the disintegration of god

The hard is to accept there is no big other (Religious)

His past was When the company provided him with his dream, the flooded his dream, but his mistakes what. The dreams are just dream, a minor of society.

We are responsible for own dream, we nes.... them and we are responsible for them.

Movement of the hippie community to the hegemonic, the sterilization of the hippie culture.

To break free from, change the dream.

The problem with all of the revolution They change the The did not change the dream, so nothing changes. Communists still wait for this magical “happening”

Its easier to imagine a mass catastrophic then a small change in society a capitalist society Time to be realistic.

Occupy, Egypt +++ is a small symbol there can be change, but they can only exist for will.

Walter Benjamin Every resolution is not direct to the future, but redeeming the past old revolution.


The Man that Made Us Spend Episode 1

Phobus Cartler Light Bulbs Control manufacturer Divide the worlds markets. Helemer Hermer German Researcher

20.000 hours after 2000 hours

Phobus ended after the war…….


Openly known Consumerism is mass consumption 1951 The man in the white suite.

1950 acute to planned obsolescence

Harold P Slime General Motors Segment the market

The organizes of dissatisfaction.

Focus style over function. Miner strike of the 70s was a strike of consumers

Battery Farming Frederic Hayek Austrian

The institute of economic affairs

Consumer markets gives people.........

Thatcherism 1980 The ideology society, Free to spend.

Mike Ridel AutoCad

IKEA introduced “throw away”

London Riot Most stolen thing, phone

Apple - new version of 1950s GM

Apple, invent screw to keep people out.

Engineer consumer behavior true obsoletes.

Duty to Consume ---

The Man that Made Us Spend Episode 2

Out for Blood Daniel Dracula blood treatment Vile of blood 550 Pound Neadel in the face Stay young as long as possible. Solituion of fear Opens the doors Getting the fear after the treatment Shavy cosumer Head examined Head scan, watching WV ad People more motivated of losing something. Dj Shadow - song Subcontium Dr Rapai GM, Tobacco Companies ……. Big French catau Using survival as a weapon SUV is a result of fear suv less safe Sterling Cooper

The consumer is the damsel The hero is the magic pil Listerine first product Halitoses save you from bad breath "Invent Wipser Copy”

Fortunes Gangston Selling to everyone Need to scare more, sell more drugs Glaxo comes to NYC GERD Fear of less normal

STATINS Hear disease 100 million takes statin

More then one way to get heart disease

Bob Eertlit Lipitor

Focus on numbers 258 Lower the threshold, more people came at risk

Medcine ad are band Using organisations Heart UK

Over diagnose Pfizer Herny Gladstone dream of seeing to everyone

Hygiene Relaxed before Now bombarded

Anti Bacterial School of Hygiene

Normal soap works just as well as anti bacterial soap Carex marked leader in 20 year

Using health scare like win flue 200% up after win flue scare

Target primal instinct Food campaniles 50 cent sells vitamin water Rohan Oze 50 cent got 10% of the company Designed clinical

Coke buys vitamin water

cancer Center for for science in the public interest

Targeting the 50+ Baby boomers 50+

Brain Age from japans nuro scientist

Pressure to be relevant in the workplace

Ronald Clat The Anti Aging industry

Fear and not aspiration Fear is why we buy

The Man that Made Us Spend Episode 3

Playlab Ask to play PeppaPig by 10 can reconcile 400 brands Can start yearly

Licensing Barbie the first to market to kids Star Wars Ranch Obi Wan Never been a successful toy line from a movie before Star Wars Collect them all Benjamin Barber Rutgers University How to get to the children?

Fred Furth Nannie State Lost the Battle Attack on Trade Regan Hasbro and Mattel

First create the toy, then make the cartoon Transformers 3 hour car drive to invent the transformers universe

Master of the Universe he-man

cheap to buy for ITV


A lot of YANKI go home 2007 - 10.000 adverts a year for kids

Heidi, okay with ads to kids

Kids target the gatekeeper 2006 31 million adult spending Kids are the Trojan horse

Toyota redesigns to the kids. People carrier maybe cool Kids are model consumers Comic Con The line between adult an kids blues out Sega and Nintendo, something kids did. PlayStation and the 1990s, young adults Gaming for the Mass Market Xbox

billions of dollars Call of Duty Medal of Honor Halo

Problem, dark and brutal.. to men and not woman Nintendo makes the WII

9 to 95 year old

Neopets Stickiness Donna Powers 50 million accounts Immersive advertisement Build a burger

Dopamine Achievements

Gamingficaton, create stickiness Mc Manonoply

The house always win Cash or time — payment

Adult consumers think to much

Credit is the magic bullet

Cash makes us think more carefully Cards makes you think more.


Pay with cash hurts Credit do not

Pushing the payment down the road 1.4 trillion pound in debt

Internet the shopping center at home. Control you consuming by changing you dreams.

People consume sines they dream about “A” LIFE The Big Thing

First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

Cultural capitalism idiosyncratic of some good Postmodern 68 Woodstock

old What can you do for society Here is by and consume

Combine consumerist and anti consume.

Buying into bigger then just the coffee. Fair price, fair trade.. coffee karma

Pure cultural capitalism buying the

Toms shoes 1 for 1

one for me, one for Africa

Semantic over invenstment ethical duty

“warm feeling”

egotist consumption

its more more easy to feel symphony wit the suffering than its o to have with thought

try to screenshot society to much for basic.

the worst slave owner where those that was good to their slaves.

lets make the evil work for the good

worst global capitalism with a human face. Hardtalk steve sisuk

Maistapotiy is better then cheap charity.

First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

working hard, not making money. three days to make a dollar. Train to empower them. Walking down a mud road.

Wold bank conference donors 1.8 billion dollars what is 1.8 billion of Congo total revenue

Poverty is not natural resource aid brings more money and natural resources make Photo exhibition, plantations..plantation owners buying them.

Grow palm oil and coffee export to Europe and Belgium. 924 hired employes eat ammonia laves eat mouse

Getting a contract, gets fired but still work.. going round and round. most kids with connection to the planets are malnutrition. Children of plantation workers. lost kids to the lack of money

Doctors without Borders leave the west goes to the east where the resources are.

Walking true a plantation Got to box Generator and signs “Enjoy Poverty”

Where we are makes the company safe Anglo Gold Asho

Brings in medicine for his men and something the companies UN checking the gold

UN made it safe. we can do what we have to do.

Golds need to go towards the local

Only negativity sells

Teaching local photographers to make war photos to make more money

Taking photos of locals Malnutrusit children

Help Africa to give them control over there own resources

In the village, starting the sign with Enjoy Poverty

Poor must control the poverty controls the resource

Calling and bringing journalist inn to show the group and sign. Goes to Doctors without borders. Cant sell the photos without internet access

Why can’t the poor take control over the poverty?