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Writing Paretics 15.10.14

Watching We Live in Public

Josh Harrison 01.05.2005

Mom got cancer, Josh was not there when she got cancer He only know how to talk virtual Josh is not with his mom, working problery Josh is cold person

Harris on the future of the internet

The internett wil change the human condition One day we will wake up, servant off the web

NYC 1984 Josh Harrison 900dollar, Market research company Did sees the web early on

Founded Jupiter Communication , future prediction

4-500 copies to 5-10 Programers employed

Made the chatboxses platform with sexy names.. made the sex market online Future Map essay

Made public got 80 milion dollars 1991, the web was public 1996, netscape got public

5 years to got the public for the web 15 million people online

The Dot Come Kids

Josh founded big party

Founded Sudo

silicon ally reporter Videoplayer G3

fist one to use video on the web, streaming Fred Wislon, VC Josh white, producer

Seudo, online cable channel party as recruitment

jOSH 300 people working for him Like new andy war hold factory

He was not a artist, but made the environment.


recommence egit In the business of programming peoples lives.

First tech icon/ celeb Believed to take out the old media

bob simon, 60 minutes 1999 Josh said and predicted the fall of old media

Josh was a guff kid as young Was not seen as someone that was not going to make it

Josh dad was not when Josh was growing up MOM working at a jail and drinking and. Shitty childout No privacy at home. Had to be the dad, buy food for the family Did not love his mime, but virtually

Did grow up in front of the TV ————

Did just watch tv, never played with other kids Mothion from tv and not people Emotion neglected tv people was his family

reconiste him with Gilligan Island Did not like when JFK got shoot, was not able to watch his cartoons

next level is virtual brains programer

He is not people person

Luvly is his artist persona, slice of his mom. Research out in the wrong way, want to but doing in the wrong way.

Luvly scares people, investors.. self destructive

Less focusing on business. moving into madness Seudo was just a art projects

Next project 1999 Culture History, We live in public

Capcul hotell Free food and drink for a moth

underground society World removed artists Weapons in the basement, own shooting range Business people will not know how to spend money

Spending 2million dolars on plywood

Not necessary bad to know what everyone is doing Dont believe in privacy

Milligram pricing experincment Emgrado experiment Stasi technics Fascist overtones.


Issus uniforms Can not leave Everything is free, but we own the video Exisensit Want to meet new people Formal forms Incept info

Want to give up everything

What is the reason behind Called the controller OZ

Josh don’t want to be stuck with friends and family want to enjoy tv

15min fame every day The quest for fame The informant makes people become one carry make madness people don’t realise people privacy Behive More detached from own self the more

people get scared of the informant Dont believe of getting busted by the police.

——— Police State relive everything, he own everything Intimiate people Torture Abusive They let themselves do it all. The camera give them power Brainwashed Brainwashing people Got off of brainwash people

december 31 1999 The Doomsday bunker for Y2K. money, food, guns ww2, ww3 man against machine personal cult

Freedome is turning people into bests Josh the puppet master, don’t feel people Doomsday bunker

——— After the bunker Boat trip Making his own own Gilligan Island Tanya making out with boat first time people did se him intiment with a girl.

24/7 quiet.. filming his own life We all put owed own life online camera follows him want to contact to new reality Sending all of the press to his mom. Want to sell his life for fame. Camera validate his life.

living contact making them less connected. You doing the regular Got back to check the chat to see who was winning the fight We need control of everything Did not have control of things He is losing money Dont Com Bubble

6 trillion 55.0000 people lost his job Pseudo losing money October it all when down.

Need here out of the house, out of the island


One day 1000 people, one day just 10 people watching Big Brother is not a person, but the collective. Its all going to comeout soon or later +++++++ mirror I am scared about me Lost all of my fortune i am mentally sick now

2001 the end of a era NYC turing into the a gate island

Douglas Ruskof Jason Calcacines

2003 calling Alana Haiss I calling me from a roach Josh running a Apple Farm The tress are my friends

Being alone is different sate of being All I got is my work I have never trulls been in love. Tanya is my pseudo call girlfriend.

I am the first great artist of the 21th century She was really proud of him, framing is articles. Broke of family contact

He rewrite his life, Farmer josh just a new episode in his life ————

I am the messenger 2005 Broadband 20% is consuming fastfood 90% social media

New site: Operator 11 Site that makes you own your own channel

Pitching for myspace no one did go for his site.

The past is hunting him, did background check all of this escapist If if had the chase to do it again, I will do that twice on sunday. I am going to sell your life back

2008 Etiopia Ethiopia is pure humanity iI don’t want to be big mac —

Asymetry Mark Foster