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The means of correct training

Michel Foucault

The seventieth century Wallhouse spoke of “strict disciplinary power is to train” The idea is that in society we are trained to past judgment on others. The normalizing of judgment. (page 179) To place judgment is part of the control system. Observation is as control, the military camp is short and ideal model as a artificial city . The camp is diagram of a power that acts by means of general visibility. Gates and physical barrier keep people from leaving or entering. School acts of pedagogical machines. (page 171) Barriers are away to segment people and keep control. The disciplinary repress mass behavior, the schools, army all use micro-penalties like lateness, absence, interruptions of task, this is repress mass behavior and light physical punishment to minor deprivations and petty humiliations. The whole indefinite domain of non-conforming punishable, to keep the soldier to reach certain level if he commits a offense.

The disciplinary regime punishment involves double juricidico -natural reference. The disciplinary punishment is only one element of a double system: gratification-punishment. The two elements makes possible a number of operations characteristic of disciplinary penalty is good and evil. (page 180) Disciplinary reward simply by the play of awards, thus making it possible to attain higher ranks and places; it punishes by reversing this process. Rank in itself serves as a reward or punishment.

Perpetual penalty that traverse all points and supervise every instant in the disciplinary institutions compares, differentiates, hierarchy homogenizes, excludes. In shorts, it normalizing. The power of the norm appears through the disciplines. Like surveillance and with it, normalizing becomes one the greats instruments of power at the end of the classic age.(page 183) The norm evens of society, the evens of the contrasts so there is no individuality left.

The examination also introduces individuality into the field of documentation. The examination that places individuals in a field of surveillance also situates them in a network of writing, it engages them in a whole mass of documents that capture and fix them. (page 189) The information we produce around us, is a field of information that can massed and stored. Its a tool of control.

The individual is no doubt the fictions atom of a “ideological” representation of society; but he is also a reality fabricated by this specific technology of power that I have called discipline. (page 194) The discourse producers reality.

Postscript on the Societies of Control

Gilles Deleuze

The individual never ceases passing from one closed environment to another. (page 3) I all the parts of one life there is constant new environment that exist for control. World War 2 accelerated the disciplinary society. In the text Deleuze says: To reform schools, to reform industries, hospitals, the armed forces, prisons. But everyone know that these institutions are finished. Its only a matter of time The old institution are keep to new institution are in place. The cooperation is the new gas, its the new god that people worship.

The modulating principle of “salary according to merit” has not failed to temp national education itself. Indeed just as the corporation replace the factories, perpetual training tend to replace the school, and continues control to replace the examination.

Schools are turning more and more into corporation with the constant the emphasizes on “salary according to merit”

The old societies of sovereignty made use of simple machines – levels and pulley, clocks; but the recent disciplinary societies equipped themselves with machines involving energy, with the passive danger of entropy and the active danger of sabotage; the societies of control operate with machines of a third type, computers, whose passive danger is jamming and whose active one is piracy and the introduction of virus. Capitalism of the new way is of concentration of production. Its its commodity or product.

There is no longer a capitalism for production, but for the product. Today often the product is ideas

Marketing is the soul and face of a corporation. Corporation are a person with feeling and emotions and that is made of the marketing.

Felix Guattari has imagined a city where one would be able to leave ones apartment, ones street, ones neighborhood, thanks to ones (dividual) electronic card that raises a given barrier; but the card could just as easily be rejected on a given day.

Today we all use cards on use, credit cards, transport cards. They all are as Guattari said “ that raises a given barrier” if economic or access.. but can also the a way of control.

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