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Grey Walter tortoises

Meeting nyc or Boston Before WW2 Teleology Society Group and renewed Jon Von Newman

Norbert Weiner, coined Cybernetic Bigelow Rosenbloett

Behavior, Purpose and Teleology

MIT and Princeton



Teleology turned into cybernetic Feedback Machine – Purpose Machines NonFeedback Machines – Non Purpose Machines

Thermostat – non Automated Thermostat – Feedback Machines

cybernetic - cyber

Alan Turning

They went off to the war

Film Gramophone -

Is the intro of the computer as profound as the gramophone and the typewriter was Multiple data stress

Kilter The alphabet is a bottleneck

The Work of Cultural in the Age of Cybernetic System Bill Nichols


Computer is an Icon New way of construre ones Telephone network bio telephones, robots, rocket, guided systems They are all self regulation system cybernetic or “automated but intelligent 1936 essay Walter Benjamin “My intention, in fact is to carry WB inquiry forward and to ask how cybernetic system, symbolized by the computer, represent a set of transformations in our conception of and relation to the self and reality of a magnitude compare with the transformation in t he conception of a relation to self and reality wrought by mechanical reproduction and symbolized by the camera.

The auto does not exists, but a product of “philosophy and poets”

Force of the real – claims your attention

“The liberation potential of cybernetic imagination” Cybernetic is conservative for it keeps the equilibrium Cybernetic is liberation but have a sertium control in it.

Nomana – the real Fenonomen – the unreal

Naturalize of technology as they get older The alphabet is a technology Nynomic - “brave” Hercules

What happen with the alphabet that was important, but brute it into your vision. The software of language Walter Ong 19xx

The Gutenbuberg Galaxy Prefaced Plato

Ethics Aesthetics Ontology Erin___tology

The Republic of Letters


Ambilvience The acceptance of control, apps ++++++

The self is constitute between Reality I Symbolic

after break Ray Charles Ian

Communication Primer Noise is intrepid, it breaks the information

A – Message- Transmitter – channel – receiver – message – B Redundancy Nunis of probability

BIT Binary Transmitter


The Information, a Flow, a flood

After Big Break

xx Herman Mutic Cybernetics, everything is mediated true code.

Icontastic distraction Premises cultural are re first perspective Direct simulation

All manifestation of Aura Duplicates

Multiplsentis Multiverse Every lie makes a paraline world Duplicates emfinixe the aura 2010

Degiration follows display Images are broken and broken and hanged

It takes two to make one right We are always rereading a classic

How an incident

Every write will makes his own pre courses More books about boks The more images

Every lie makes a parallel world

Multiplication of an icon increase its fame

Scaoltion is a symbol that something is getting builed or destroyed If shop comes back to port with its part replaces, is it still the same ship?

Intertextualality Representation → performance

The more its serculatoin the great value

feedback loop