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List of small notes from podcasts that I find relevant, but to small for its own page. Rick Poynor 1/2 Play

  • Regret of the loss of premants with paper
  • Book on the shelf
  • Last for ever
  • but check a old article, they are not there no more
  • What is the reference, if they are not there no more
  • Feature of new digital culture, the share amount of loss
  • Disappear quicker
  • Write an article in 1996, don’t seem that accessible
  • No permanent record without print
  • Its in the library, you have to go to the library, but its still here.
  • Cultural amnesia, what happens in design is a reflectoin of current culture..
  • We accept social media makes constant claims
  • Cultural amnesia drives your knowledge og history.

Rick Poynor 1/2

In-text: ("Rick Poynor 1/2")

Bibliography: "Rick Poynor 1/2". Type Radio. N.p., 2016. Print.

2 1 1 Jason Scott Rescuing The Prince of Persia from the sands of time

"The computer industry is fifty years of over-promised and under deliver and continues to be to this day" (Crenshaw, online video, 2012)

Crenshaw, Adrian Crenshaw (2012) Jason Scott Rescuing The Prince of Persia from the sands of time, [Youtube], 12 September. Available: (Accessed 21/04/2015)