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Rushkoff, Douglas (1996) Media Virus, United States of America, Ballatin Books

Most social theorists still consider the media a dung heap of cultural waste. They believe that he media, having nothing better to do, keeps chewing on the same predigested matter. Theres so much time to fill on so many stations and only a few real stories to tell. This is a simplistic view of media shared mostly by philosophers who grew up before television. They view media and even technology, for that matter, as somehow outside the realm of nature. (Ruskow,1994,p20-21)

There is no information with which one can make an informed decision. “Support our tropps” distracts the populace from the real questions “Do you support this war” (Ruskow,1994,p23)

As long as people feel they have no power over the images presented to them over the media, they will feel they have no power over events in the real world. (Ruskow,1994,p24)

Marketers saw how engaged people were becoming with the media and began marketing the media itself as their biggest product. (Ruskow,1994,p29)