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Preserving the Creative Culture of the Web


Bruce sterling thinks that digital prevention is a futile endeavor

“I used to worry about the floppy disk, now I worry about the universities”

The constant migration to outrun the short lifespan that the mediums have necessitate a constant budget. University don't got money for long term preservation

long term stable environment

The story about the "cray disc" Not abeable to read it, one guy with the disk, no way to read from it.. no infrastror Chris, got a cray disc pack. wanted to data off. everything was that to read it.

He made a audrino magnet reader to get the magnetic off it. Guy from Australia, fly to newyork to get the disk be read off.

Archive (internet archive) and curating methods can merge? Library are taxidermist archive capture firefly's



Lie that Big data is premanent data

Google is archive, like a supermarket is a food museum

Worst to dump thing in a dark archive

Ready Player One

Facebook is sucking up all human knowledge