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????, ??? (200???) GZorgen Vooor Onzichtbare Assets, Over Het Behoud Van Digitale AV-Collecties, Nederland, Beld Ej Geluid

All archives hold content to fulfil a social and intellectual purpose, but along the way they have to deal with physical items in physical ways. P45

The main method for recording the early decades of television was film, which remains cheaper then videotape right up to the 1970s. Film was also ore portable; than the first few generations of videotape equipment, so the BBC used film for news-gathering until 1982 and the switch to the U-Matric videotape format The consequence is that broadcast archives have large film collections: the BBC has over 250.000 hours of film (about 40% of its 700.00 hours TV archive) p52

We have lost the chance to save it all – now we mist move quickly to identify and see what's critical. Some may say his is gross over-simplification, but compared to the challenges of digital preservation, the preservation of physical media is much less complex. Physical media preservation is primary about good storage, disaster protection, and a means to locate objects on shelves. page 73

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