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Tapscoot, Don, Williams, Anthony D (2008) Wikinomics, London, Atlantic Books

“We are all participating in the rise of the global, ubiquitous platform for computation and collaboration that is reshaping nearly every aspect of human affairs. While the old Web was boit Web sites, clicks and “eyeballs”, the new Web is about the communities, participation, and peering. As users and computing power multiply, and easy-to-use tools proliferate, the Internet is evolving into a global, living, networked computer that anyone can program” (Tapscoot, 2008, p19)

“Born between 1977 and 1996 inclusive, this generation is bigger than the baby boomers itself, and through sheer demographic muscle they will dominate the twenty-first century. While it is smaller in some countries (particularly those in the Western Europe), internationally the Net Generation is huge, numbering over two billion people. This is the first generation to grow up in a digital age, and that makes them a force for collaboration” (Tapscoot, 2008, p46,47)

“ In no other industry is the tension between the preexisting power of producers and the increaseing power of self-organized customer communities so pronounced” (Tapscoot, 2008, p137)

The ironic part is that Septhens had spent considerable time and effort building an elaborate internal wiki for exactly that purpose – to help keep all of the agents in the loop and to gather their input into the business. But the wiki was slow to take off, and Stephens was perplexed. He was always harping on the agents to use wiki to communicate, but at first few agents bothered. Geeks are supposed to love wikies, so what was the problem? The one day Stephens ask the deputy director of counterintelligence at cooperate how things where going in the field. “I am worried about those agents in Anchorage, Alaska,” he said. “There is about twenty of them there and I worry about them staying connneted to the mission” com on Battlefield 2, Geeksquad... (Tapscoot, 2008, p242)