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Hollins, Richard (2006) Swiss Graphic Design: The Origins and Growth of an International Style, 1920-1965, London Laurence King

At every moment of the past all variations of the past where 'new'. But it was new 'THE' new. We should not forget that we stand at the end of a culture, at the end of everything old. - Piet Mondrian . epigraph in Jan Schichold. Die neue Typographie, Berlin 1928. p6. (p15)

Van de Velde was not alone in wanting reform. In 1907 group of German industrialist, architect and designers had from the Deutscher Werkbound, an association amid to bringing together art and industry. p 17

Walter Cyliax - German printer executive Woking in Zurich. as an art director and typographer Principles are a useful intellectual tool as long as they are alive. Dead principles correspond to intellectual laziness. p 31

Jan Tschichold We pledge ourselves to Elementalist art. It is elemental because it does not philosophize, because its built exclusive of its own elements... Down with the reactionary in art!. p 37

The wall dividing art and industry will come down. The great style of the future will not decorate, it will organize. p 47

Hanns Meyer The poster is not done to be art, but to make a strong visual impact. p 53

Stam Bruijnzeel - Otto Baymberger Stam and Lissitzky make fun of the common view that poster art is the prostitution of painting: it is the same as saying that journalism is the prostitution of literature. p 56

Piet Zwart: Graphics and typography are developed basically from the specific requirements of the design and the nature if [typographic] material without consideration of the function p 183