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Hilderbrand, L (2007) Media Access Preservation and Technologies, No.12 (pp.6)

"Digital technologies raise (at least) three major dilemmas for archives and access. First, there are no agreed-upon archival standards for digital technologies; rather, they are deemed inherently unstable and unpredictable due to the speed of (commercial planned) technological obsolescence. Celluloid and analog video formats have proven to be more reliable for long-term storage and continie to be used. Digitization does not amount to preservation but is typically a means of convenient short-term access. Second, film, videotape, and digital content must be preserved or at the very least maintained-in order to ensure the long-term survival of texts and future access for audiences. Contemporary decay must be counteracted even as the future formats are still being researched and developed- Third, rights owners may forbid preservation and frustrate access to their works, whether through legal and technological measures." Page 6

Lucas Hilderbrand - Editor